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AIIAcr ro eslabIi.~ishatid i~lcorporatea Universiry nr Haringlrara, iri the
district oJNarIia, k West Beltgal.
WHEREASitis expedient LOestablish and incorporale a University a1
Haringhara, in the district of Nadia, in Wesl Bcngal, for providing
facilities for [hestudy ofagriculture,animal husbandryand allied sciences
and for conducting researches in thosc sciences;
ILis hereby enacted in the Twenty-fifth Year orthe Republic orIndia,
by rhe Legislature ofWesr Bengal,as follows:-

  1. (1) This Acl may be called the Bidhan Chandra Krishi Sh~nlillc
    and cxrcnr.
    2[Viswavidyalaya]Acl, 1974.
    (2) It ex~endslo the whole of West Bengal.
  2. In his Acr, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    ‘For Statcrncnr or Objccu and Rca~ons,5ce the Cfllcrrrra Grrzctfe,Errraordirrory.
    Pan W,of thc 14d1 Novernbcr, 1974, page 1963; ror pmccedings or the Wcs~Bengal
    Lcgislarivc Assembty, see Ihc pmeedings of lhc mcering or thal Assembly. hcld on Ihc
    25th November 1974.
    -The word within thewurnbnckcls wen: substituted for thc wads”Viswa Vidvalava”
    by s. 2 of lheBidhan ~han’dnKrishi Visw~vidyalaya(An~cndmcnt)~cr,1981 (~Esli’cn.
    Acr XXXI of 1981).[Wesl Rcn. Act
    The nidirntl Cl~ondraKrishi Vis~vrrvidydnyaAcr, 1973.
    (Clroprer I.-Pr~.lirtii~iu~.S~’criut~ 2,)
    (2) “Agriculrure” includcs basic and applied scicnces relating lo
    ‘[lerresrrinl and aqunric crop and animal produclion,] foreslry
    includir~gfarm forcsrry. homc cconomics. agriculrural
    Engineering and recl~nology,markeiing and proccssin~,land
    usc and managemen[,soil and wztter manilgemen[ and all mailers
    connec~cdrlierewith or incidcn~ultherelo;
    (3) “appoinred day” means Ihe 1st day OF Seprembcr, 1974;
    2(3a) “Asmiate Dean” menas the Head or the teaching wing or a
    ?(3b) “AssocialeDirector ofResearch” rneans the Head of a rcsearch
    wing of a campus or regiorlnl slation:
    (4) “authorily” means any authority of lhe Universiry specified in
    seclion 9;
    “4a) “campus” Incans the cenlre, other than the main campus.
    imparting teaching at degree level or above and having any
    rescorch or exrcnsion function;
    6(6a) “convocalion” means a rnee~ingor the Court for the purpose
    of confemng degrees, iitles, diplomas, cerlificates or othcr
    academic disrinctions;
    6(6b) “employee” in rclation ro [he University means any person
    elploycdby 11le Universiiy; (7)”FacuIty” rncnns a Faculty by rhc Universiry; ‘(73) “field-rvorker” means a ficld-worker, appointed or recognized as such by the University; ‘(7b) “financial year” means Qie ywr ending on the 31sr day of March; ‘(7c) “Governor” mcans the Governor or [he Stale or West Bengal; ‘The words wilhin 11ic squm hnckcts were ~ubsli~ulcdrur rhc wonk%”cw and livcat~cliprduc~ion.vclcrinmy and dairy sctcnccs, fislicrics.” by s. 2(1) of thc Bidhan Chandn Krishi Viswavidyaluy;l (Sccond Arnendnlcnl) Acr. 1996 (Wcrl Rcn. AcI XXI or I396). ‘CInusc (4)was i~iscncdby s. 2(3), ihid ‘Clausc (5) was onli~icdhy s. 3(?) of the Ridham Chandn Krishi Viswavidyalayly3 (Arncndmcn~)ACI, 198 1 (IVcst Bc~i.Acr XXXI ol 1981). ‘Clausc (6)was omilrcd by s. 2(3) UT rhc Aidlian Chandn Krishi Viswavidyalaya (Sccolld Amendnlcnl) Acl, IS96 (Wlrsl Ben. AcI XXI or 1996). ‘Clnuscs (&a) and (6b) wcre inscncd hy s. 3(3) or lhc Bidlian Chandn Krishi Viswavidyulayn (Amcndmcnl] Acl, 1981 (Wtct Bcn. Acl XXXi uT 1981).Tl~eBidl~mrClia~idruKri.~lliVis\vuidyalayaAct, 1974.
    (8) “hos~el” means a place of residence for the s~udenlsof [he
    Univcrsi~ymainrained or recogniscd by the University;
    ‘(8,) “main campus” means the principal sent of the Univcrsily a1
    Mohanpur under police sln~ionHaringhatn in the district of
    Nadia, in West Bellgal whcre lhe academic, adminislrative,
    research, extension educa~ionand farm eshblishrnenls arc
    situated for the purpose of leaching, research and extension
    education functions;
    (9) “Minislcr” means the Minister-in-charge of rhz Departmen1 of
    Agriculture of Lhe Government ofWest Bengal;
    ?(94 “non-tcnching staff” means the non-leaching s~aff,not holding
    any teaching pasr (including par[-dme teaching post),appointed
    or recognized as such by the University, but does not include
    an ofher or a ficld-worker;
    (10) “officer” means an officer ol the Universiiy specified in
    (11) “prescribed” means prescribed by Slalurm I[, Ordinances or
    Rei~ulalions]made under this Act;
    5(12a) “regional station” means the research or extension station under
    he University;
    (13) “regulations” means regulalions made under section 40 of this
    6(13aI) “registered graduate” means il graduale registered under this
    Act, a1 Icz~tthree months prior lo the date of cIection of
    members to the Coun, on application in rhc prescribed form
    and on payment of a fce ofone rupee:
    Provided hat no person shall be eIigible to be regislered
    under this Acl unless he has graduated hirnsclf from rhe
    University at least three yemprior to lhe dare of eleclion of
    members ro !he Courl;
    ‘(13a) “revised scale” mans any of the scales of pay sanctioned by
    the Govcrnmenr of Wcst Bengal. Agriculture and Communily
    Developmenr Dcpnrtment ordcr No. 946-Edn Br Trd2U-20/75,
    dated 2nd February, 1976, which is rcproduced in Schedule I
    to Lhis Act:

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