Animal Preservation

The following Aot of the Gujarat Legislature, having becu asssented to by theLPresidcnt
on the 15th Maroh, 1994 is -11orcby publishcti for genernl ii:fonnat.ion,
Secretary to the Govcrllment of Gujnrat,
L~gisltitiveand Pnrliameutary Maim Dcpartmeut.
(First published, after harir: q rcccive(1 the tlsseut cf t J1e Prcsi(1c~t ili the “Gnjarai
Gowmtmtnt Gazette” on tho 16th hlnrch, 1904).
further to rlmcnd tile Hcmlny Azimnl Pre~mtrationAct, 19B4.
WBEHEilS it is cstablishcd that corn auil her progcuy su&in the health of the
nation by giving them t,he lifc giving milk which is so essential an iicm in n scitnti-
fiwlly balnuoed diet ;
AND WHEREAS the working bnllo~ksarc indispensable for uur agriculture for
they sllpplp power morc than any other animal ;
AND WHEREAS the {rocking bullocks arc oftm useful in ploug1iil:g the hclds,
dram1of rrstcr from the wells aud nlso vcry useful for drawitg curts for tra~sportjng
grains and fodders from the fields to ihc rcsidc~:ccsof frin,c-rs as m-cll aE io the
Agicultural Market Yards ;
AND WHEREAS thc dung of the animal ,is chcaper thuu the urtificia! macures
and extremely ugeful for production of bio-gas ;
AND WHEREAS it is c9t;lblishcd that thc back-bone of Indian agriculturr is,jn
rr manncr of speaking, the cow and her progcny and hat~e,on their back, the wf.ole
structure of the Indian agriculture and its economic system ;3hort
ment of
$ ofBorn.
of 19i54.
AN0 IVHXKEAS it is expcdicnt to give effect to the policy of the Stute towords
~courjll~ the principl~shid down in articles 47, 48 and in olauses (b) aud (o) of
articles 39 of the Constitution of Illilia and to protcot, preserve and sustain cow
and its prog ny ;
It, is hereby ccllactcd in the Forty-fifth Years of the Rt!publio of India as foflolm :-

  1. (I) This Act may be cnlloti the Bombay hirnal Preservation (Gujarat Amend-
    nieut) Act, 1994.
    (2) It shallk.,bo’., deemed to havo come inbo force on the 23rd Septombcr, 1993.
  2. IH the Boo~b:iy Animal Prcservatioll Act, 1954 (hereinafter referred to aa B~~,
    of 1964.
    <I the l~r’iacipi~lAct “), in section 5,-
    (1) in sub–~ctlon(IA), for olausea (o) and (d), the follomirlg olauscs shrtll be sub-
    atitukd, lamely :-
    “(c) o bull;
    (i) in clatlw (a), sub-cliiusos (ii) aud (hi) shall bo deleted ;
    (ii) in: clwusc (b), after thclwordu “calf of s co~”,the words “bull or bullock”
    shall be ifiwrted.
  3. (1) The Boinbay Auimnl Prosexvation (Gujarat Amendmout) Ordinance, 1993 aui.
    is hereby repealed.
    (2) XotwithsLauding such ropeal, anything clone or any aotion taken under the
    priucipal Act as amended by tho said Ordinance shnll bo deemed Go have bccn done
    or hakeli under the principal Act as amondcd by this Act;.

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