Industry, Dispute

(First ~,vI,lisIt,.d. 1/11 i,i~lg-rr t 4-iv.0 ~hrn,c>.c?lt $11i~Prt,sidrnt ,in Ihr-
”C:~tj!n.u!(;t,rct.i,~ ,;I (;rrzritc” oi ~hcSS!/i!rrjy1662). – AHAct. furl-11cr I-(.) alnr:ml ille 1301iil~i~I~idsi,ri:~l li~latio~isAct, 1946. –
I. (I)l’l~isArt ~u;~yIlr: ci~llctl t.ltc 13o1llbny Jnc!ustrial Iiehti011s (Oiljarat short tit10
and corn-
Ame~ltln~olil;)hc: , 1961.
of scction 3
of Born, XI
of l@4?. ,

  1. In sct.:is 211 :: of tlir. I:c!111ll:t y Ili(l11stri:tl Rt?lntiouAct, 1946 (1icrci1l;iferAnlcndnlent l<(>lll. 1947. 11″f H:~CTK~to :is “L lic 1 ,i~ivi]>~tl .’,c,t,”),–
    (i) for ch;it~sc (13). I,IW frlllrnvirlg sliall LC snhslitutcd, i~nmely:–
    . ..
    (10 u I)CT?OYI “III~)~OJY(1 i11 t11r rxrc~tt,ior~of AIIY work in res~icctof
    ~vli1r.11illc ov:?.nrbr of xr? ~ir!vrtnl;ir~g is nn elnplc!ycr irithin t.he n-icnning of snlr-c:lnu~e(r) of olau~r(141.. (h) ;t pcrmn who I~nsI?vr:1i rli~n:i.ssrdor riilim.gc
    tl from cmploynicnt on
    aecout ol’ any c1isl)ulc rt~1:itingto n chnnpt: in rr~prt:ttjf wl~irhn notice is givtbn rlr an n;ll,lir.:i-tiolt nl;..rlc untl~rsrction 42 mhetlmr beforp or after liis dismissal nr disr,l!nige: but dot s tiot inclurlt: – (i) rL 1iwsoii ~-1:ois rm1)loycd in thc police servicc or as an cfficer or olhcr cn!p! of a prison, (ii) c pr~st~n,who I~C~HPCIII])~O~CI~prim~rilyin n managrria1, admini- strtativc 01. suliclrvisory r:n~iacitytlrnws hasic PAY (cxoluding nllo~nnccs) excectling Iivc hnrlrcdrpccsper ~i-ionth, and (iil’) irrcspeciivc uihlc! pay clrnwn, any other pereon or clnss of persons crupIoyct1 ill wl~ich the fi;:itt: C+n~crrilr~e~it IIIR~, by riotiiic;~tion in the Official Gi~zett~, specify in this 1)chalf” ;tirid c:!ljac.iiy ~ccificd in CR~UEC (ii)or in n techic:ilcnpacity,,104 GUJ. ,GOvT. GAZ., EX., FEB. 28, 1962/1’HALGU~ri9, 1883 [ PAWxv .. (ii) in clntrst! (Id), for sub-clause (c), thu following hall 11e xllb~titnted, irime1y:- ” (e) wherr, the omnr:r of any nndcrtnlring in the course. of or for tho purpose of canducti~tgthc urldertnk~ngent~sls tlic ~xucutioriof thc whole
    or any part of any work which is ordinarily a part of thc undcrtakii~g,to any
    persol1 ot11r:rwise than as tho servant or agent of the owner, tho ouncr of t.he
    underknking;” .
    (‘iii) in clause (3SA)for the figuresa~id1t:ttcr “86A” the iigures and lcttors
    “80Ah” shall hc sul~stitutcd.
    Amonrlment -3. ,Insection 10 of thc principal Act-, in xuI>-t;cct,ion(4), after the word8 “or
    of n”ction
    of Horn. XI
    .f 1947.
    is eligible for being oppoiutcd a judge of such Court:’ thc worrls “or has presided
    over a Lal~ourCourt for not ~CHYthil~iten years” #hall I)(: i118~rte(ln11d after the
    proviso, the following fl~rtherproviso sllnll bt: insertctt, nnmcly :-
    “Provided further t,hat a member, ~11ubefore hi8 appoin$nent as such nie~liber
    hns itresided ovcr :t Labour Court for not, less tlirn ten years sltoll
    a:~yttlillj:~0llt~llI~d i~iscctio~i 92, he cligihlc for al)poi~itmertton n Bench of tht: 111due-
    t.rinlIlourt r:unsisi-il~gor~bof onc luenlber ant1a!oticlil92sl~nllhal-eeKcct accordingly.”
    Amonamnnt 4. 111 sc(:tiot~14 of t.11)rili(:il)al.4ct, for tllo iliilnl ~lrovisot,hc following shall of 3oction 14 Ijc ~llbsti~lltc11,lla11lt:ly:- of Born. XI . . . “Thirdly, that- (i) wherc two or lnorc urliuns f~llfillingthc r:onditions necessary for re- gistration apply in the same cnlcnrlar nionth for rcgistr;itiorl iri respect of the ~RIIICili~Iustryill ally local nren, subject to tlic proviuiorls uf tIic scr:ond proviso, t,hc union haying f IIC largest nlnmbcrsliip of e111ployc:es cn~ploycdin thc i~ldstrpdurirtg tllc wl~ult:of the period of thrcc cill(:ndxr month8
    imnlediately preceding that in which the applicaticlns serc mado shall be
    regiutcred, ant1 any :ipplic:~tion nlatle in any subscqncnt calendar nlonths
    shall not be corlsidcrcd by the Registrar until the applications mndc in the
    earlier calendar month are disposcd of by him ;
    (ii) where R uniorl fulfilling thi: c:onditiorls necessary for regifitration rnskcs
    , all application during anjt cn1~11cI;~r niorltliu for registratio~lin rcspc5ct of an
    industry in any local area, any ~pplicationin any subsequent calcndar mont,h
    by any other union for registration in rcspcct of the same indnsLry shall
    not he considered by thc Registrar until the former application ia disposed
    ‘of by him .

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