Land, Revenue, Occupancy, Rent, Nazaranas, Succession Duties, Cesses,

Acts of the Gujarat Legislature and Ordinances promulgated
and Regulations made by the Governor.
The folIoying Act of the Gujarat Legislature having been assented to by the
Praident on the 23rd December 1965 is hereby published for general information.
Secretary to the Government of Gujarat,
Legal Department.
(First published, after having received the assent of the President in the
“Gujarpt Government Gazette” on the 29th December 1965).
An Act to extend the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879 to the Kutch area of
the State of Gujarat and to repeal the corresponding la& in force in that
area and to amend the said Code for certain other purposes.
1t ia hereby enacted in the Sixteenth Year of the Republic of India as f0fl0wS: -$ho$ title
and oommea-

  1. (I) W Act may be died the Bombay Land Revenue (Extension tocement,
    Kutch Area and Amendment) Act, 1965.
    ‘(2) It 8halI come into fore on such date as the State Government may, by . .,
    notXcation in the Official Gazette, appoint.
  2. .h.the, loqg title ~f the Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879 (hereinahaAmm+nt
    word8 “Siate df Gujmt” shall be substituted
    l87Q- referred to as “the principal Ad’), for the sords “Presidency of Bombay”‘thedBomy
    GUS. QQVT.GAZ,, Ex.,DECEMBER 29,198SIPAUSA 8,1887 , [FmIV
    Amendment 3* In section 1 of the principal Act, dter sub-section 14). tho foUo*g gub
    of Bmtion1of
    BO~.P of section shaIl be Inserted, namely:–
    ad. 36 of
    “(5) On and from the date of the corning into force of the Bombay Land
    Revenue (Extension to Kutch Area aod Amendment) Act, 1965, this Act shall
    ahextend to and be in force in the Kutch area of the State of Gujarat.”.
    ~msndplen~ 4. ID. sectiorz.3 of 44e principal Act, a4a clause (27) the following phali be
    zi yzV3inserted, aamgly :- ,
    of 1879,
    “(27A) In this’ Act, @here there is any referenw to any other enactment
    or a provision thereof, such enactment or provision shall not- merely by reason
    of such referenm hdeemed to extend to the Kutch area of the State of
    Oujarat but if there be any law corresponding to such enactment or provi-
    sion in force in the said area, the reference to the enactment or provision as
    aforesaid shall include a reference -to such correspnding law.”.
    bendment 5. .In section- 16 of the principal Act, sub-section (2) shall be deleted
    of motion 16
    of Born. V
    of 1870.
    of motion
  3. In section 52 of tbe principal Act, to sub-section (3, the foll6Eing pro-
    of 1879.
    1%of BO~,VYjSo shall be added, namely:-
    “Provided that @here any land has bean assewed for a putpose other tban
    agricuIture but the assessment of the amount to be paid as land revenue on
    sucb land hag been fixed without fixing a period therefor, it shfl be la-
    for tbe Collector to reviee the assessment of such land under this sub-section
    at any time after the expiry of a period of ten years from the date on which
    the assessment of the amount was so fixed and for calculating the aforesaid
    period of ten years, the period elaped before the commencement oP the Bom-
    bay Land Revenue (Extension to Kutch Area and Amendment) Act, 196505s
    may be taken into aocount.”.
    heertion 7. After section 73A of tbe principal Act, the following section ’73B shall
    of new
    mtion 7sB be and shall be deemed always to have been inserted, namely:-
    in Born. V
    of 1879.
    “73B. Where any occupancy, by virtue of any conditions annexed to the
    okpremim teaure by or under this Act, is not transferable or partible without the previous
    for mnotion.
    t , sanction of the State Government, the Collector or any other o@cer authoris&
    by the State Government, such sanction shall not be given except on payment
    to the State Government of such sum as the State Government may by genetal
    or’special order determine.”.
    Or ofwnpanoy,
    +dmm+ 0. In Wioa 84-1A of the prindipd Act, for the flw asd md”1948.
    Of 84.1~- * 4~of apply” the figure8, words and brickets “1948 or as the case may be, of the
    Born. v of Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands (Vidarbba Region and Ktit~h At~j
  4. Act. 1958, apply” shall IE substitutsd.pmIF] GVJ. (30YT,UAE., EX.,DEmMBEB 28. 16851PAUSA 8, lSS7
    9, bSMO~120 d th phipal Aa for the and
    “para- handrnent
    of ~eotion
    v of graph 14 of the second Schedule to the Code of Civil Mu%, 1908″ the 180 of Born,
    &or& and figure&”lootion 16 dt$ Arbitption Act, 1949″ shall spbstituted. v of lao.
  5. In section. 135H of the prindpsl Act, in sub-section (4, in claw (b)- tf”””M%,”,”
    1%H of
    Born V of
    (i)in sub-clause (iir) for the wordl ltld flgurea “pmgraph 17 of #he second ,,,,;
    , Wedule to the mid We” tbe words and figufes “&OQ 20 of the Arbitra-
    x of tion Act, 1940″ shall be substituted;
    [If) in aub-clause (fv), for the words and figures “paragraph 20 of the said
    &hcdule” the yords and figures “section 14 of the Arbitration Act, 1940”
    shall be substituted.
    , $1. In section 136 of the principal Act, YO tho proviso to sub-section (I) after t~dment
    Born. LbO words and figures “the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948” 13s of Born,
    LXVII fhe gords and Qpm”or as the case may be, the Bombay Tenancy and Agicul- v of 1879.
    I87 of Born.
    %ors, .tural bzub (Vidarbha Rugion and Kutch Area) Act, f 958″ shall be inserted
    n of
    22, In &on 187 dthe priri~palAct.
    (9 for the won4 and @urea “section 42 of the &-operative Societies Act, V of 1870.
    1912- 1912″ the .words and figures “section 108 of the Gujarat Co*operativeWie-
    unf.X ties Act, 1961″ shall be substituted;
  • 1962.
    (in for the No&, brackets and figures “sub-section (5) of section 42 of the
    eaid Act” the wards and Qures “section 103 of the said Act” shall be substi-
    n of (iii) for the words and figures “section 3 of the Co-operative Societies Ad,
    1912″ the .words and 6gures “section 3 of the said Act” shall be substituted.
  1. After section 218 of tho principal Act the folloding new section shall be hartion of
    of motion
    214 of Born.
    v of 1879.
  2. In section 214 of the principal Act. in sub-don (2). &use shall bAmendment
    Provided that unless a different intention appears, the repeal shall not iaof the
    Born. V of
    form in +he
    Kntoh lreb .
    1878, Kuw area of the State of Gujwot wder 6002 oftbe Part C $Wag (Lam)1979 sCIn
    new aeo-
    tion 218-A
    of B0m.V
    of 1870.
    brted. namely:-
    Act, 1950 is hereby repealed:
    relation to thq Kpm.area of the Stab d Gujmk.

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