Non-Trading Corporations, Registrar

Acts of Gujarat Legislature ant1 Ordinances Promulgated
and Regulations made by thc Governor.
Thc followingAct ofthe Gujxat Ixgislah~rc,havingbeen assented
to by the Governor on the 24th February, 2005 is hereby published for
Secretaryto thc tiovcmmc~~t orCujarat,
Legislativeand ParliamentaryAffairsDeparln~ent.
First publisl~ed,afterhavingreceived the assent ofthe Govenlorin
thc “Gjarat Govcm~nentGazette”, on-the25th Febmary,2005).
to rcpcal the Hombay Non-Trading Corporati011 Act, 1959
11 is hereby enacted in the Fifty-Sixth Year of the Rcpliblicof India
as follows :-
1 . ThisAct may be called the BombayNon-Trading Corporations short title.
(Gujarat Repeal) Act ,2005.
BomXX\? of 2. (I) The Bornbay Non-Trading Corporations Act, 1959 in its Repeal and

  1. application lo the Stateof Gujarat is hereby repealed.
  2. Nohvithstanding such repeal, the provisionsof section 7 of the
  3. Bombay General ClausesAct, 1904shall apply inrelation to the repeal of
    Bom.1 of
    the Bombay Non-TradingCorporationsAct, 1959 asif the Act had been
  4. an enactmentwithn thc meaning of the said section 7..

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