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GUJARAT ,?CT NO.XX OF 1962. Arb Ad iullr-c lo .~r~,enalthe Br;lrll,;iy
326 -327
Pri~na~yEd~calionAct, 1947. , .
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The follor-ing .4c1 of t!lc C;j:~r;it I. yisla~urc. iin\ i~gbeen ah\c~l~cilto by thc Ciu\,er~lr,r011 tllc 7th Augi~st19t72. is hcseb!, pr~hlisl~etlfor sc.n;~-:~l ir~t’urn~;~!ian. . . C;lj.lARi\’I’ AC’I’ NO.XX OF 1962 (Fir5t pii/~!~,+;.c~i, 0)11,1, 1;(11.i11; I,~Y*~,~L,t{O” 011 1116, 811t ,41/<5!/t. Act, 1947.
It is hereby enacted in the Thirteenth Ycar of the Republic of India as follows: –

  1. (I) This Act m~ybe called the Humbay Pritnary Eclucalion (Gujarat slri iilif (2) It shall come into force at once. Amendment) Act, 1962. 1(4,111 2. In section S9A nf the numb;ty Primary Etlucatiou Act, 1447, in ‘;II~-‘;~L:- ‘.’r tion (3) for the figures. letters and words “30th d;~yof April 1962, ” the figurcs,5Uh ,,f Ilr,nl I $I{;. Ict~ersand words “31st day of nrcetnber 1964 ” shall be suhstitured. a11t1c:onirnr.. Iicelut’llt . L\r~i~tlrrlrnt
    01 .<-ctioll c> t’
    [,XI (,I 1~7
  • -1ki1-a ;)I (1.i11o)Rr]rt,nl ot
    (:I~J. Old.
    SO. II (,I’
    is hercby repcoled and the provisions of sections 7 and 25 of the Bombay Gencral Ez’

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  1. Tile Bombay Primary Education ( Gujarat Amer~dment) Ordinance, 1962
    Clauses Act, 1901 shall apply tv si~chrepeal ns if that Ordinance wcrc an Tr 0.