Stamp, Gift, Duty, Consideration, Share Capital

An Act to, provide for increase in certain stamp duties and further
to amend the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958.
It is hereby emted in the Fourteenth Year of the Republic of India aa follows:–
1, (I) %Act may be called the Bombay Stamp (Gujarat Lncrease of Duties short title
(2) It shall wme into force onsuch date as the State Government may, by notifi-
of amtion
and Amendment )Act, 1063.
and oommen.
cation in the OJfa Qua?& appoint.

  1. Xn.mtion2 of the Bombay Stamp A&, 1968 (hereinafterreferred to aa “the bendmat
    but hBB not been made in writing, any instrument recording whether by way of
    declaration or othedthe making or acmptance of auch gift ;”.
    +&pal bat”),sftar clam (11, the following olauae shall be M,namely :-
  2. “(la)”imtrumentof gift” includes, where the gift is of any movable property Lx 19G8-
    IV~Z-19 (Mono)69
    GUS. CfOVT. GM.,EX.,APRIL16,I#3/GHAITRAM, 1885
    [PAW lV
    Amendment 3. In Schedule Ita the principal A&,-
    of Bohedule I
    toBorn. LX
    (I) In article 4, for the WO& ” Thw rup”the WO& “Three mpeea and
    of 1968. fifty naye paise” ahaU be substituted;
    (2) In article 6,-
    () in entry (a), for the words “Forty naye pairre” the words “Fifty naye
    paiee” shall be substituted;
    (id) ,in wtry (b), for tbe word ” thirty rupw” and “twenty naye paid*
    the words ” forty rupees” and ” twenty-five naye paby*shall, resptively
    be substituted;
    (dii) in entry (o) (i), for the worde ”F’Ztmn naye paise”, the worda “Twenty
    naye paise” hall be substituted;
    (h) in entry (o) (ii), for the words'” Forty naye paise” the woda ” Fifty
    naye pabe” shall be mbatituted;
    ( in entry (d), for the words ” Twenty naye pawtho. wordg ” TwenQ-
    five naye pnise” ahall be substituted;
    (vi)in entry (e), for the portion -g with the brackets, letter and worda
    ”(a) Twentgnayepab”and ending with the worb”&OV~PB@ or part thmd”
    the following shall be substitutd, namely :-
    <L(a) Ten naye’paiee for every unit
    of 10 kilogmm of silver or part
    (b) Forty naye p&e for evesy
    unit of 1 Kilogram of gold or part

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