The Commissioners, Commissioners, Dock, Goods, Land, Master, Pier, Port,
Port Approaches, Public Securities, Vessel, Wharf

All Act ro co~uolida~eund are~ld rhe law relarir~gto the Porr of Culcrrrra and ro fire appoifntet~r ofrl~eCo~wmissioners
for 111csuid Port.
Prcamblc. WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidare and amend the law
relating to thePort ofCalcuuaand to the appointment ofComrnission-
ers For thc said Port : Itis hereby enacted as follows :-
Ti~lcand 1. (I) This Act may be called the Calcutta Port Act, 1890.
(2) It shall come iata force on such date’ as the ‘[Central
Government] may direct, ngt being more than three months after the
date on which ir may be published in the “Oficial Gazerre)with the
assent of the “[President].
Enaclmtnts 2. (1)On the commencement of this Act, the enactments speci-
rcpCdcd- fied in the First Schedule shalt be repealed to the exrent rnenlioned in
the third coIumn [hereof.
(2)But rhisrepealshallnor reviveanyoffice,aulhority or thing
abolished by any such enactmenls, or affecl the validily of anylhing
done or suffered, or any righr, title, obligation or liability accrued,
before the commencement of this Acr.
(3) All rules and bye-taws prescribed, appointments made,
powers conferred and notificalions published under any such enact-
ments shall,so far as may be, bedeemed to be respectivelyprescribed,
made, conferred and published under this Acl.
(4) Any enactment or document referring to any enactments
hereby repealed shall be construed to refer to this Act. or the corre-
sponding porrion thereof.
(5) Nothing herein conrained shall deprive any person ofany
rightof property, or otherprivatc right, except as hereinafterexpressly


‘The 1 st Junc, 1890.-See Nolificaliun No.143. datcd 1l1c 28th May. 1890inthe
Colc~rrmGazette or 1890, Pan I,Page 509.
Thescwords wcrc subsrirurcdTof thcwords “Local Governmcnr” by para. 3 and
Scl~.IV to the Govcromrnt of India [Adapiahn of Indian Laws)Order. 1937.
‘Thcsc words wzre substi~r~~cd for the words “Cafcitf~t!Grrzcrre” by paragraph 1
‘This word was subslirurcdi~rrhr word “Govcmor-Gcncral” by paragraph 3 (1)
nC ~hcAdaplion of LJWSOrder, 1950.r
Tlre Crrlcu~tt~Pol? Act, 1890.’
(Clraprer I.-Prc1inrinary.–Section 3.)

  1. In this Act, unless there besomething repugnanL in he subject
    or context-
    (I) “the Commissioners” shall mean “the Commissioners
    ‘[for ihe Porl] of Calcutta” hereinafrer incorporated ;
    (2) “Commissioner” shall mean amember of the said Co~o-
    ration ;
    (3) “dock” shall include all basins, cuts, quays, wharves,
    warehouses, rramways, and other works and rhings appertaining to
    any dock ;
    (4) ”goods” shall include wares and merchandise OF every
    description ;
    5 ”land” shall include the bed oftheriver below high water-
    marks ;
    ‘[(6) “master” when used in relation to any vessel or to any
    aircrafi making use of the port, means any person having
    ror the time being [he charge or control of such vessel or
    such aircraft, as the case may be, except a pilot, harbour
    master, benhing masrer, dock masler or assistant harbour
    rnasrer of the port ;]
    (7) “pier” shall include any stage, stairs,landing-place, jetty, ‘
    floating-barge or ponloon, and any bridges or other works
    connected therewith ;
    (8) “port” shall mean the Port of Calcutra ;
  2. ‘I(8a) “Pon approaches” shall mean those pans of thenavigable
    rivers and channels leading to the porr in which the Indian
    Pons Act, 1908 is in force ;
    (8b) “public securilies” shall mean-
    ( promissory notes, debentures, stock or other securities of
    rhe Cenrral Governrncnt or of any Stale Government ;
    (b) debentures or olher securities for money issued by, or on
    bchalf of, ;mymunicipal body, Improvement Trust or Port
    Trust under the authoriiy of any law for the lime being in
    Forcc in India, and includes the debentures or other securi-
    lies issued by [he Commissionersunder his Act ;]

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