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AIIAct topruide for. the recn.r~ifrio~i of rlrc U~riversirjrof Cct[cvn
a~rclJut- ccerroitl IIICI1ICT.F ~IIC.~(~L~IIIII~ I~IC’I’~>IU nr~dcor~r~ccfed~Ircr~e~li~lr.
Wtnmsit is expcdienl lo reconstilure ihe University orCalcu~taLo cnahle il lo function more eificienlly as a Univcrsily ecourapig nnd providing for instruclion, leachig. raining and research in various
branches or learning and courses or study, promoling advancement and
disseminalio~~of k~lowledgcandlearning, and extending higher education,
10 ~neer[he growing needs of society and to make rhc constiru~ionof
various au thori~iesor bodies of t hc Universi~ymore dcrnocralic;
It is hcreby enacted in rhc Thirlietli Ycar of the Rcpublic of India,
by lhe Lcgislalure 01Wes~Bcngal, as ro1lows:-
I. (1) This Act mlry be cnllcd \be Cnlcuttn University Acl, 1979, Shon ~izlc


(2) This sec~ionand scclion 59 shall come in10 rorce ni once; and
rhc remaining provisions or this Act sl~allcollie in10 furce on suctl dnte
or dares ns [he S13tc Govemmcnt may. by no[ificaiion in the Oflcir~l
GII:EII~,appoitll. and diifetenl dates may be appointed for diffcrenl
provisions of lhis Act.
, ,
‘For Sr;itc~ncniof Objccu; and Kcmns. SCC ihc Culrrrrtfl Ga:c~rc.E~lraorrlirra~.
Pa11 1V nT thc 21st March, 1979, pap 583: for rcporl of IIIC Sclccl Com~nirtcc.
SPC I~Crcpan or rhnl Commir~ccprcscnrcd bcforc ihc Assembly on the 1Y11i Scprcnibcr,
1979, inr procccdings oi ihc Wcst Acngnl Lcgiqlarive Assembly. rrt. thc pro-
cccdings of rhc mcciings ol~liatAstrnhly hcId on llic 3rd April. 1979 and 19thScp1clnbcr,
IY79Tl~eCrrlcrrtfn U)live~:~iryAcr. 1979.
Dclinilionc. 2. In this Act, uilless [here is at~ytllit~grepugnnnr in rlle subjecr or
Wcsr Dcn.
Acr XXXlll . .
Acr XXXlIl
of 1955.
. .
(I) “zlffiliared” i~1.elati011lo n college or an instilurion mcirns
arlilia~edrn the U~~iversityof Cnlcu[ra as coiistitutcd prior
to [fie appoinled day n~tdcontiiiuing us such in~rnediarely
before such diry o~,3rfili:ktcd Lo lhe Universiry under [his
(2) “appoinled day” mceos ~hcdate rcrcrrcd ro in sub-seclion
(5) of scclion 59;
(3) “Calcutln” Inenns Calcurra as dcfiilcd in the Calculrn
Municipal Acl. 195I. cxoluding thc nrca referred ro in clause
(2) of scclion 5 or thc Jadavpur Utiiversily Act, 1955;
(4) “Calzurrn U~liversilySludenls’ U~I~OII” mc:m Ihe siudents’
iinioti rrcognizcd ;ISsuch by rhc University;
(5) “cotlstitucnr collcge” mc;uis un alfilialed college in which
insrruction is provided, under prescribed condirions, For
honours as well ;afor posl-gruduzltc courses 01′ s~iidy,and
~vhichis rccognizcd uuder lliis Acl as a constirucnr collcge:
Provided in any profzssional subject no honours
courses orslurly hnvc bccn p~,excri bed. a professioni~lcollcge
may be a cons~i[uentcollege aIlhougl~no ins~ructionis
providcd in that college for Ilonours courses ors~udyin rhai
(6) “convoca~ion”meiinsa meelingorrl~cScnare [or hepurpose
of conrerriug degrees, lirles. diplomas. ccrliricates or olher
(7) “eniployee” in rclution lo rhc Univcrsiry mealis n person
oll~erillan n Tznchcr or :m orricer, cinpIoyed by thc
(8) “finnacial ycar” Incans [he year ending on [be 31sl day of
(9) “Governmenr College” mcans a collcgc nlain~ainedand
~nanagedby ~hcSli~LcGovcrnrncn~:
(10) “Go~ernor”nicuns rhc Governor of rhe SraieorWesi Bcngal;
(11) “hall” inenns a UII~I of residence or siudcnls nuinrained by
[he Univcrsily;
(12) “hos~el”mcans a unit of residence for students, not
mainpained by [be Universily bul rccognised under this Acl
as ;I ~OSIC~;.

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