Chandernagore, Law

A)/ Act to provide for rl~errssiu~ilationof ccrtair~laws irr force ill
C/~atzdertlagorelo tl~elrnvs ilr force irr the rest of IVesr Beagal.
WHERE^^ it is expedient 10 provide for the assimilation of cerlain
laws in force in Chandernagorc 10 the laws in forcc in the rest of West
It is hcrcby cnncted in the Sixih Year of the Republic or India, by [he
Lcgislarurc of West Bengal, as ~oltaws:-

  1. (1) This Act may bc ccllcd the Chandcrnagorc(Assimilationof Shon rille
    N1esr Bcn. (2) lr shall comc into rorcc immcdiarely on the Chandernagore rwnl.
    Ord. 1X of
  2. (Assirnilurion uT Laws) Ordinance, 1954, ceasing to bperate.
    1-aws) Acr, 1355.
  3. 111 [his Act,-
    (a) “appointed day” means the 2nd day of Octobcr, 1954;
    (b) “Chandernagore”means the whole of thc terri~orywhich
    immediately before the 91h day ofJune,1952, was comprised
    in the Frec town or Chandernagore;
    (c) “law” means so much of any Act, Ordinance, Rcgulalion,
    order, rule, scheme, notification, bye-law or any other
    insmment having the force of law as relatcs ro matters
    enumerated in Lisl I1 in the Seven~hSchcdulc lo [he
    Constitution of India.
  4. All laws which immcdialcly bcrorc [hcappoinled day extend to, mlcnsionof
    or arc in forcc in, Lhc Slalc of Wcsr Bcngal generally shall, as from that KtCrm
    day, cxrcnd ro, or, as thc case may bc, come into Force in, Chandernagore. nagorc.
  5. (1) Any law in force in Chnndcmagore immediately before the Repcdof
    appoinrcd day (hereafier inlhsAct refrrrcd LO as “corresponding law”) =ownding law! and
    which corresponds to any law referrcd to in seclion 3, whether such s,n,.
    corresponding law is in force in Chandernagore by virrue of thc
    Cllandernagore (Applicauon of Laws) Order, 1950 or by virtue of any
    ‘For Slarcmcnr or Objccls and Rmons, see hc Calcrrtm Un~erre.Errrnrrrdirrrrr):
    dalcd ~hc14th February. 1955. PanIVA, pagc 181; for proceedings or the \Vest Bcngd
    LcgislarivcAsxrnbly, see he proceedings of the rnmling 01the West Benpl Lcgislu~rc
    A6sell~blyheld on thc 22nd February. 1955: and for proceedings of lhc WCL! Bcngal
    Legislnive Council. Jee thc proceedings of the lmeiing of thc Wcst Bcngd Lcgisla~ire
    Council held on the 4th March. 1955.Rcn.Act XV
    or 1932nor
    lu applylo
    (West Ben. Act
  6. The C/radenragore(Assinfi/ariot~of hlvs)Act, 1955. (Sec~ioas5, 6.) I. I-, .. . I- ‘–. norificarion issued under thc Chandcrnagorc (Adrninis~ration)Re~ula- eg. IOT
  7. lion, 1952, or olherwisc, shall as Iron1 that day stand rcpcaled in
  8. Chandcrnagorc.
  9. (2) The rcpeal by sub-scction (I)of anycorresponding Iarv shall not
  10. (a) [he previous opcration OF any such law; or
  11. (b) any righ~,pivilege, obIigation, or liabiliiy acquircd, accrued
  12. or incurred undcr any such law; or
  13. (c) any penalty, forrcilure or punishmcn~incurrcd in respccl of
  14. any offcncc corrunitted against any such law; or
  15. (d) any invcs~igarion,legal proceeding or remedy in respccl of
  16. such righi, privilcgc. obligation, liabili~y,pcnally, farfciture
  17. or punishment as aforesaid;
  18. and any such invcs~igalion,legal proceeding or rcmcdymay bc ins~i~uled,
  19. coniinucd, or enforced, and any such penalty, forfciturc, or punisl~menr
  20. nlay be imposcd 3s if rhjs Acr had not cornc inlo force.
  21. (3) Subject to the provisi~nsOF sub-bclion (2), anylhing done or
  22. any action taken (including any appoinrmcnl or dcIegation made,
  23. nolihcarion, order, ins~uc~ionor dirccuon issucd, rule, form, bye-law or
  24. schemc framcd, certificate, permit or licence granted, or rcgistrarion
  25. effecrcd) undcr such corresponding law shall bc deerncd to have
  26. been done w iaken under [he correspnnding provision of ~hclaw as
  27. extended to, or in iarcc in, Chandcrnagore by virtue ofsec~ion3 on and
  28. from ths appoinled day and shall continue in forcc accordingly unless
  29. and unlil superseded by anylhing done or any action taken undcr
  30. such law.
  1. Notwithstanding anylhing conlaincd in scctions 3 and 4, the
    Bcngal Municipal Acr, 1932, shaIl not exlcnd to Chandernagore. and
    any law in force in Chandernagore immediarcIy before [he appoinrcd
    day which corresponds lo lhar Act, shall, until such law is repealed,
    conlinue 10 apply to, and bc in forcc in Chandcmagorc, and any rcfcrence
    ro rhe Bcngal Municipal Acl. I932 in any of [he laws exrendcd lo Bcn.AclXV
    Chandernagore undcc seciion 3 shall bc decrncd ro be a reference ro [he
    corrcsponding law conlinued in force by [his section.
  2. (1) If any difficulty arises in relation to lhc bansition from any
    corresponding law to any law which, by virlue of sccdon 3, shall, x
    from the appoinrcd day,extend lo, or comcinto forcc in, Chandcmagore,
    ~hcSlate Government may,by order notified in ihc Dflcial Gazelte,
    makc such provisions as appcor lo it to be ncccssary or cxpedienl for
    removing the difficul~y..

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