Date of Commencement, Domestic Purpose, Groundwater, Scheduled Area,

&U~ WHEREAS the United Nations Development B 4 .- . ..-which conducted pre-inve nt studies on- imp]-oving water sup# ., , $and sewerage systems o* It , concurred with the estimation of d4 la( i the Geological Survey of India that groundwater can be extracted 6′ , :from the twenty kilometre stretch of the coastal zone between South k~ i XMadras and Kovalam ; jl cAoMul- i AND WHEREAS the,&sbs Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board h all other possibilities of augmenting , water supply to th have been exhausted and that it is necessary tq the extraction and use of water in any form and to conserve the same in the City and the district of Chengalpattu and to regulate and control the transport of groundwater ; 4H AND WHEREAS based on the United Nations Development Rogramme studies, a scheme, for artificial re-charge of the Arni-Kortelfiyar Wi with excess flood water flowing into the sea is to be taken up by interlinking Arni and Korteliyar at two or more feasible points p ‘and dso by constructing sufficient number of check dams at the h 3 , appppriate places in the Korteliyar river course ; < . , . i: F. * AND WHEREAS such re-charge will enable optimum utilisation of ground water and formation of a hydraulic barrier against sea water instfusion ; I 1 AND WHFBEAS the Government have, after careful examination of all aspects, decided that it is necessary in the public interest to regulate and control th? extraction and use .of groundwa eg in ‘fd and to conserve the groundwater in the City of -3 certain revenue villages in the district of1 Chengalpattu and to regulate t ,and control the transport of groundw, ; ,BE, it enacted by the Le;:islative Assembly of the State of Tamil Nadc – jnt’the Thirty-eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows :- 1. Short title, xte t and commencemenl.-dl), This Act may be ‘ bstii~ck the ~Aetropolitan Area Groundwater (Regulation) ‘kct; 1987. I I’ I & – (2) It extends to the whole of the City of and thc , revenue villages in the Chengalpattu district speceule ScheI i , ‘ ‘dule . (3) Sections 14 and 15 shall come into force on such date as the Government may, by notification, appoint and the rest of this , Act shall come into force at once.

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