Chief Justice, Criminal Appeal, First Appeal, Full Bench, High Court

Ao Act to providc for an appes! from a’judgmcnt ororder passed by oneJudge of
the High Court inexercise ofthc originaljurisd iclion, Lo a bivision Benth cr’the sameHigh
cull rl.
Bc it enactedby heChhattisgrhIlegidature in the fifly-seventh ycar of[herepublic of
India as fot tow, :- –

  1. I) This Aamay by calkd thc Chhattisparft High GUFL(Appeal to Division Bench) Shorf titlcsnd .
    Act, 2006.
    2 R shall comc into force porn the date of ics pub’licationin Ihe Oficial Gwxlte.
  2. (1) . hnappdshajl lie from ajudgment or order passedby one Judgc ofthe High npwl to fhc Did
    Sion Bench of
    High Cnud rmrn a
    JudEmcn or Prdcr
    OF oic judgc 01 Ihc
    High court in
    Court in exercise of original Jwisdic~ionunder Article 226 ofthe Constitution
    oilndia, to a Division Bench comprisingof hvo Judges oflhc same High Court.
    Provided that-nosuchappeal shall [ic againsl an interlocutoryordcr

    or against an order passed in exercise of supervisory jurisdiction under rxrrc~seor origins!
    Article 227 ofthe Consliblion OFIndia. –
    (2) .Anappeal under subsection {I) shall be filed within 45days from thc date of
    order passed by a single Judge.
    Provided that any appeal maybe admitted aAer theprescribedperiod
    of45 days, ifthe pelirioner satisfies the Division Bench that he had suhicient
    cause for not preferring rhe appeal within such period.
    Explanation :-The fact tharthepetitioner was mid@ by myorder, practice or
    judgmcnt of the High Court in miningor co~;:pulingihepr- bed
    peridmay by sufficientcause within:the rncaning of l!~ls.iub-=ion.
    (3) An appeal under sub-section (I) shall IE filcd, I:card and decided in accor-
    dance wilh the procedure as may be prescribed by the High Coun.
  3. (1) The High Court may, kom lime lo time, make rules for carryingout all or any Power 10 makr filc.~
    ofthe purpose okhe Act.
    (2) In particular and without prejudice lo [he genrmlily ofrhc foregoing porver,
    such rules may providc for the procedure offiling, hearing and disposal of
    appcal undersub-secrion (3) of section 2.
  4. ( 1) l’he Chha~isprhUchcha Nyayalaya (Lzlter Pnrcnl Appeals Samap~i) Rrpcal and Satiny.

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