Sponsoring Body, Statute, University

A Vidheynk to provide for establishment of self financed Privirte Universities for. ilnparti~rg Highcr Educatiou nod to regulnte thcir functions and’for matters connected ther-e- I with or incidenM thereto. Au Act it enacted by the Chlla ttisgarh legislature hi tlie Fm-second Year of the Republic of hdi~ as follows : 1. (I) This Adhiniynm may be called the Chhattisgarh uiji Icshetra . StlOfltiuc~c~~cn~~nd .=olimrilcncdLnrnL VISII~ i~vidyalaya (Sthapana Aur Vlyaman) Adhhiyaru, 200 1 (No. 2 of 20’0 I ). (2) It es~ends to the whole of ~hhattisgarh. (3 I~sl~allcoineu~toforceoiisucha dnteastlieStateGovenmcntmay,by lots scat ion, apgoht. I11 [his Adhiiiyain, unless the context ofie~wise requires- Dclinirions. (:I) ‘LOrdi~~a~l~e” means all Ordha~ice of the University ; (b) “Sponsoiing Body” in relation to a University meaus- (i) a sociecy registered under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registrikal-an Adhiuiya~ 1973 (No. 44 of 1973); (ii) ally Public TIUS[ ; 01- .. (iii) a Conlpauy registered under Sectiou 25 of the -Companies Act, . 1956CNo. 1 ofI956); (c) “Statute” ~neaus a Statute of the University ; (d) ‘V~niversity” mealis a University established under sub-section ( 1 ) of Scctiou 5. 3. 11e objects of the U~iive~.sity shall be- Objccb er die Univfnily (1 ) lo provide hstiuctions, teaching and training in Higher Education and makc provisions for researcb, advancement and disselniuatio~~ of knowledge ; (2) to create higher levels ofiutellectual abilities ; (3) to establish state of tlie art facilities for education and trainiug ; (4) to ca n-Jf out teaching and research and offer conti~~usg education prog a mes ; (5) to create cclltres of excellence far research and developmeut and for sharing knowledge and its application ; (6) to provide collsultancy to the industry and public organizations ; (7) to establish ~najll carrlpus in Chhattisgarh and to have study centres at differenr places in lndia and other countlies; (3) to establislr examha tion cea tres; (9) to illstiiute degrees, diplomas, certiiicates and other academic dis- I tiuctions or tllc basis of cxami~~atioii. or my otIler ~uetliod of evalu- . , ation ; (1 0) to pursue auy otl~er objective as luay be apllroved by the State.

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