Code of Criminal Procedure, Central Act Amendment

Short tMu 1. This Act. may bc-called the Ccde of Crimjnel Procedure (Orjscz Amendmen!) ‘
BEIit~ctd~ytheLegiirlstureaTt’u~Statcofthe~~rsaio theForty-finbYuraf ‘
the Republic of Ind~a,a7 follows :-
Act, 1994. .

  1. ln>6ection25 of the Code ofCrimin~lProcedure, 1973 (hereinafter referred to 2 oflq74.

as the said Codc), to rubmlion (2), the folbning provsio shall be inserted .

aectlotl~% namely :-
“&vided tbat nothing in this subsection shalI be cohstrued, to probibit the
State Govemmanr from exercising its control over , Assistant .Public Prosecutors
through police officers.”

  1. In the Fir6t Schedule to the saide Code, in the entry’ undor column 5relating 45
    to tboFhlf to section 354 of the Indian Penal Code, I860 for the word “Bailable” theword
    *$” ‘%on-bailnble” shall be substituted”. – ‘ .For, the Bill, see On’sSd Gazette, Extraordinary dattd the 14th Deczmbr . 1994 mo. 1499).THE CODEOP PROCEDURE (OMSSA mI)MENT)
    ACT, 1997
    IRetelved ilre assent of rlre president on the 20th October 1997, first published
    in an extroord~naryissue of [he Orissa Gazette, dared rhe 5rh Nuvetl~ber19971
    BEit enacted by the Legislature of the State of Orissa in, the ~ort~~ci~htb
    of the Republic of India as follows:-
    Sbrttitk 1. This Act may be called the Code of Criminal Procedure (Orissa Amendment) ‘
    Act, 1997.
    B. In section 167 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. 1973, in paragraph (a) 19wa
    or section of the proviso to sub-section +2),-
  2. ,, ,
    (I)-for the words “under this paragraph” the words “under this section” shall
    be substituted; and
    (10 for the words ”ninety days” wherever they bccur, the- words ‘#onehundred
    and twenty days” shall be substituted.
    . .
    *For t& Bill ss Orirsn Gazelle, Mraordinary, dated fhe 7th J3eoember 1997 (No. 1317).

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