Cooch Behar, State Law

An Act ro assi~ailatecerlai~rState laws it1 force ill Cooch Behor lo !he
State laws in force it1 he reIr of Wesr Bengal.
WHERE~Si~is expedienr lo assimilate cerlain Slate laws in force in
Cooch Behar to he State laws in force in the rest of Wcsl Bcngal;
It is hereby enac~edas follows:-

  1. (1) This Acl may be called the Cooch Behar (Assimilation of
    Slarc Laws) Act, 1950.
    (2) It shall come into ?lorce on such dare the Srarc Govcmmcn~
    may, by no~ificationin the Oficial Gazerre. appoint.
    (a) “appointed day” means he dale oppoinrcd under sub-
    section (2) of section 1 Tor the coming into force of his
    (b) “Cooch Behar” rneans the merged lerrirory of Cooch Bchar
    in the Slate ofWcst Bengal;
    (c) “Stale law.” mcans so much of any Act, Ordinance,
    Regulation, rulc, order or by-law xrclarcs 10 any or the
    mnrlcrs cnumcratrd in Lis~LI in heSevenlh Schedutc lo
    thc Consu~ulionof India.
  2. (1) All S~alclaws which imrnrdialzly berort: tl~cappointed day
    cxtcnd to, or arc in force in the State of West Bengal, hur no1 cx~cnd
    LO.or are not in force in, Cooch Behar shall, ufrom hatday, cxtend to,
    or i~s(lie case may be, comc into force in,Coouh Bchar.
    (1) All Sratc laws which. irnmcdiarcly bcrorc he appointed day, are
    in hrcc in Cooch Bchar bu~not in he rest of West Bengal shall on thal
    day cease to bc in force in Cooch Bchar, cxccpt ;arcspccts 111ingsdune
    or ornitlcd lo bc donc bcforc tha~day.
    Shon rirlr
    ]For Slarcmel~rOF Objccls and Rcasons. .re< thc Cr~lclrrrrrGrrreite. Errrrrr~rtrrn~, da~c-drhr: ?2nd Sc’pre~nbcr.1950. Par1 IV,page 127 1; rnr Prouecdings of rhc WCVI Brngal Lcpis1alir.c Assembly, see rhc Prmxcdinp of rhc ~rlcuringof lhu \VCSI Bcnt
    Lgislnlir.eAswn~bly,hcld on lhe4lhOctubcr. 1950.
    ThisXclcuw inro forcc OII ihc 195 1. 1,irleNoliIicariunNo.7497J.,darcd ~hc
    18d1 Dcccnlbcr, 1’150. publishtd in thc Crrlulr~ttiGnzr~tc,dalrd Ihc 78th Ikscrnkr. 1YSU.
    Par! I. page 2260.5.[West Ben. Act
    The Coocl~Behar (Assi~oil~~tio~r of SI~II~ law:^) Acr, 1950.
    (3) Nolrvithsranding anything con~ainedin sub-sections (I) and (2),
    the Cooch Beliar Acrs specificd in Schcdulc I as in force in Cooch Behar
    imn~edialelybefore the appointed day sllall cnn~inuclo bc in forcc therein
    arm the said date subject to thc adaprarions spcificd in [hat Schcdulc,
    and lhc Sla~claws specified in Schedule I1 shnIl no[ cxrcnd lo. or comc
    inlo force in, Cooch Bchar ‘[or such part hereof as may be specified in
    the no~ification]:
    Provided that the S~aleGovcrnmcnl may, by notificarion in the
    OfJicinl Gazette, appoint a dale on which any of thc Acls spccificd in
    Schedule I shall ccasc to bc in force and any of the Acts specified in
    Schcdulc II shall cx~cndIn, or come into forcc in,Cooch Bchar.

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