Medicare Service Institution, Medicare Service Personnel, Offender, Violence

3o.F.I 4(6)/LA-2008/leIaw/l24-133.-The
tlll]plr ing Acl of the Legislative Assembly of !he National
~opirrrl ‘Territory of Delhi received the asscnt of [he Lt.
r;olnn~r of Delhi on the20Lh October, 2008 and is hereby,
rub]ishcd for gcncral information :-
qbc Dclhi McdicareServicc Pcrsonncl and Medicare
Scmicc Instiiutiors (Prcvcntion of Violcncc and
Damage to Property) Acl, 2008
(Dclhi Act 08 of2008)
!As passcd by the Legislalive Assembly of the National
i’ip~czl remilory oi Dclhi on lhc 1 l th Scplcmher, 2008).

  • An Act to prohibit violence against medicareservicc
    pcrsirnucl and damage to prapcny irh mcdicare scrvicc
    iain~fions in the National Capilal Territory of Dcthi and
    Tor mailers connect therervilh.or incidental rherelo.
    BE it-enacted by thc Legislative Asscmbly of ~hc
    ~a~ioual cdpitaI Territo j of Dell~i in the Fifty-ninrh Year of
    [he Republic of India as follotvs :-
    I. Short title, cxlent and commencement.-
    (I) This Act may be catlcd the Delhi Uedicare Service
    Prrsomcl and Medicare service Insritutions (PrcvenLion
    otviolencc and Damase to Propcdy) Act, 2008.
    (2) 1 t cxlcnds lo the whole of the National Capita1
    Tcrritory of Deb.
    (3) It shall come into force on such date as rhe
    Lieulcnant Governor of the National Capital Territory of
    hlhi may, by nolilication in the oficial Gazetlc appoinr.
  • Definitions.-In this Act, unless the .context
    ~:lU-wise requires,-
    (a) “rnedicare service institution” mean institutions
    providing medicarr to people in any recognized
    system of medicine, on out patient or inpatieqt
    basis, which are undcr the control of the
    Governmcnt of Delhi or the Central Govemmenl
    or local bodies, medicare inslitutions run by
    autonomous bodies, clinics, private nursing
    hornedmd hospilals run by individules, rrusb,
    socict ies, companies, elc. and having racilities
    for diagnosis andor rrealment of he sick, whwe
    pcrsons arc received and accommodated for thc
    purpose of diagnosis and Irealmenr of sickness,
    injuryl or infmity wherher of hdy or mind, ante;
    natal iindior post natal care, or anylhing
    connected lherewirh, and include a rnalernity
    home or convalesccnr home;
    @) “Delhi” means the Nalional Capital Tcrritory of
    (c) “Govemment~’ ineans [he Lieutenant ~ov&or
    of [he National CapiraI Terrirry of Delhi
    appointed by the President under Anicle 239
    and drsignntcd as such undcr Article239AA of
    (d) “medicare service personnel” in relation to ;1
    medicare service instirution shall include,-
    (i) regis~cred lncdical practioners;
    (ii) rcgisrrrcd nurscs, nursing aids, midwives:
    (iii) para medical ~vorkcfi, a!iihulatlcc sewicc
    providers. al~d d iagnustic serviccs
    (iv) any othcr pcrsomel whu are ~rvrking in
    rl~e pren~ises for ~hc purposc of ~mining,
    srudies, c~c.;
    [c) “~~fikndcr” mcans any persun \vho either by
    biu~si-ITorasa mernberorasa leaderofagroup
    of pcrsons or organization comniits or attempts
    (O coinniit ar abels or i~lcitcs [he commission of
    vialcncc undcr [his Act;
    (I) “violcncc” incan activilies of causing any harm
    or injury or cndangcring life, or intimidation,
    obsrruction or hindrance to any rnedicare service
    pcrsonncl in discl~arge ofduly in d~c mcdicarr
    service bstitutio~.t or dmna~e to propem in sucl:
  • Prohibition aTviolcncc.-Any act medicare of
    violcncc against service personnel or damage ro properp
    in a mcdicare service instihiion is hereby prohibited.
  • Pcnality.-Any offendepwho co~nrnits any act in
    contravention of section 3, shall bc punished with
    imprisonment for a term which may cxtcnd to three years,
    or with fine which may exlend to Icn thousand rupees, or
    with both.
  • Offenccs to bc cognizabe and non-baila ble.-
    Nolwilhstanding anything contained in Lhc Code oiCrim inal
    Procedure, 1973 (2 of 19741, any oKcncc committed under
    Section 3, shall be cognizable and non-bailable.
  • Authority lo filc compIaint-The IIead of the
    niedicarc servicc institution ivhcre the offence ha been
    comrnirred, or his authorized rcpmscntative shall have the
    powcr lo nlnkc 3 co~llplair~t undcr this Act with [hc law
    cnforcing agency.
  • Court compctcnd to tty and take cognizsnce of
    offences.-(I) No court other than rhe court of a

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