Gaming, Instruments of Gaming, Common Gaming House

The Delhi Public Gambling Act, 1955 20 1.
ments are so kept or used is gaming on any figures
or numbers or dates to be subsequently ascertained
or disclosed or on the occurrence or non-amurence
or the quantity or extent of any natural event.
(2) The General Clauses Act, 1897 applies for the interpretation of this Act as it applies for the i;;terpretatirn
of a Central Act.

  1. Whoever being the owner or occupier or having the Penalty for
    use of any house, room, tent, enclosure space, vehicle, ves- owning or’
    sel or place in the ‘[Union Territory of DElhi] opens, keeps Or
    or uses the same as a common gaming-house; and charge of
    a gzming- whoever being the omer or cccupier of any such house, house.
    room, tent, eazlosure, space, vehicle, vessel or plaos as
    said, k~lowingly or wilfully permits the same tc be opened,
    occupied, used or kept by any othm person as a common
    gaming-house; and
    Wkszver has the care or managbment of, or in any manner assists in conducting the business of any house, room.
    tent. enclosure, space vehicle, vessel or place as ai”oresaid,
    opened, occu~ied, used or kept for the purpose aforesaid;
    and whoever advances or furnishes money for the purpose ,
    of gaming with persons frequenting such house, room, tent,
    eilclosure, space, vchicle, vessel or place;
    Shall be liable to imprisonment fa a term which may
    extend ta six months and shall also be liable to fine which
    may extend to one thousand rupees.
  2. (1) Whoever is-found in any such house, rmm, tent, penalty for
    endosure, space, vehicle, vessel or place, playing or gaming being fouqd
    with car*, dim, comters, money or ether instrummts of in gamnggamins, or is found there present fa- the purpose of gami~g
    whether playing for any money wager, slake or otherwise,
    shall be liable to imprisonment for a tern which may extd
    to three months and shall also be liable to fins which may
    extend to five hundred rupees.
    (2) ?Whoever is found in .my .rcomm gamhg house
    during any gaming or playing therein shall be presnmed,
    until the cmtrary is proved, to have bken shere for the purpose of gaming.
  3. If the =strid Magistrate or any ~ther officer invest- Powers to
    ed with the full powers of a Magistrate of the first class, or enter and
    the SupRintendent of Police, upon credible information, and ~~
    af:er such enquiry as he may think nwessary, has reason ,d
    to believe that any house, room, tent, enclosure, space, vehi- search.
    cle vessel or place, is used as a common gaming-house.

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