Valuable Security, Dowry, Marriage, Marriage Expenses, Thakka, Sagai, Tikka,
Shagan, Milni

BEit enacted by fhchgislatureofthe StateofHaryana in the Twenty-
seventhYear ofthe Republicof India asfollo\vs:-
I . ThisAct mayhecaliedlhej_)o\vry Pruhi’~ilili~~ (E;ilyar1aA11~e1~11eat} Shontitlc.
,A:!: !976.

  1. For Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Dowry Prohibition AcL 1’361 Substitution of
    (hercinder refe’erred to asthc principal Act), the followingsactions shail be
    substituted, namcly:-
    and 4 ofPx-
    liamentAct 2X
    “2. I)e=itiotzs.-In this Act, utiless thc context othciwise ofJ4i;i.
    (a) byonepmyto a ry-riagcto theotherparty tothemamage; or
    &) by thc parents ofeither party to a marriage or by any other
    pmon,to either to themarriage or to anyother person ;
    at orbefore or after the rnarriagc as cnnsideration for themamage
    nf the said parties, hut does not include dower or mahr in the case
    of personstowhom the MuslimPersonal Law (Shxiat) applies.
    Explanarion lb-For the removal of doubts it is hereby declared
    that presentsmade at h:timeof a~an-iagcto citherpazyto

the marriagein the form of cash, ornaments, clothesor other

. For Sraternent ofObjectsand Reasons,see Haryana Govcrnmcnt Gazette(Extra.),
datcd the 7th July, 1976, page 13 14.DOWRY PROIIIRITION
[ 1976 :Haryana Act 38
articles,shall not bedcerncdto be dowrywithin tht:mcaning of
this sectio, unless rhey are made as consideration for the marriagc of thc said partics. Elanatio~! 11.- The expression “valuable security” has the same ‘
rneauh~gair~siiu1l30 uTille hidim Perral Uodr:(45 ilC1860j. (ii) “marriage exxpenscs” shall includeexpenses incurred directly, or indirectly at or before thc marriageon- (a) Thakka, Sagai,Tikka, Shagan and Milni ccrcmonjes; 0 the gift madc by onepai-ryto a nlalnageto the othe~paw io :he mania$; orby ihe pxents, grand pxerth andbrothen 3f eiher pai7)’ tn a ~l~al-t-iage, to either parry ti)rhe~naniagei,l-the: 1-1- – .J –+ -L -.- – -1- uluvu Ic’larlultsL~ZTZO~; (I;) ill I ltn inatinn:fwd ailtl the ar-range~ents fitrscrviz~gfood i~ the
members 01the rrrirriagt:party andother expctlses incidental
E.rplnnntinn.-For the removal of dnubts, it is hereby declared
$3: zr,y gifisxndek3.2 perm:: other thihcse spcciE:,c:! iq t
sub-clause (b), at the time ofmarriage to eirher party to the
ilyai&gcc&&: n~;bc &zi\ed ifib=lnai&ge qjenst~~
(a) give or take orabet the giving or taking of dowry;
(5) demand, directlyor indirectly, from the parents or
guerb!s-s fabridecrhridegreorn, 2s the rlstmay be, sny
(c) incur marriageexpenses the aggregate value whereof cxcecds
five thousand rupees;
(4 display anygifbmadear orbefore the marriage in thc ium~of’
cash,o!-nanenrs, cllxhes or ohel-articles;
(el take or carryi.n cxcess of-
(9 hventy-fivemembersofthe marriageparty; and
(ii) cleven m~rnbeffiof ttic band;1976 :~aryana~ct381
(%1 deny conjugal rights to hiswife onthe ground that dowry has
not been gvenor thedow~given is insufficient.

  1. Penui!y.- (1) Ifany person conrmvenes any oflhc provisions of
    section3,he sl~allbe punishablewith imprisonmentwhichmayextendto six
    monrhs and with fine which mayexteni to iJve r’nous*anurupecs.
    (2) Thc caudlqhgan offenceunder clause(f) of section3 relating to
    conjugal rights may, atany stage of the proceedings, onthc execution of a
    bond bythehusband undertakingnot to demanddowry and to allow conjugal
    rigbts ro the wife,drop theproceedings.
    (3 j .my proceedings dropped under sub-ticction(2jshaii revive if rhe
    court issarisfred.on,anapplicationmadc by the wife in llis behalf, that tllc
    husband hashiled to cmyoutthe undertaking,orhas uthznvist:actdcoutmq
    to the ienl-rsofthe bond, and thereupon Piccounsi~allprocced with thc case
    et’rTr :sc ~!~gr qlI,VII~~-? jr_ Lr~nnpd rr–.

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