Export, Molasses, Sugar Factory, Occupier of a Sugar Factory

AnAct to provide for the control of price and movement of molasses
in ‘[Haryanal
Short tille, cx- 1. {I) This Act may be calledthc East Punjab)Molasses(ControJ)
lcnr and corn- J 948,
(2) lt extends to ~hcwhole of “aryana].
(3) It shall come into forceat once 3[in the principal territories
and on the 24rh July, 1957,in the transferredtcm’tories].
ln~erprcrat~nn. 2. InthisAct,u~~less~hereisanythingrepugnantjnthesubjector
context –
(a) “the Government” means the Government of ‘[Hianal ;
(b) “Controller” means theExciseand Taxation Comnlissioner,
‘[Haryana) ;
‘[(bb) “export” means to take mof asses out of thc State of
Haryana ;]
(c) “Molasses” means the heavy, dark<olouicd residual syrup
drained away in the final stage of the manuricture of sugar
by vacuum pans w in open pans in sugar factories either
from sugarcane or by refining gur :when such syrup has a
density of not Icss than 75 degees blix and a fermentable
sugar conlent (expressed as reducing sugars) of 19 percent ;
(dl “sugar factory” means any premises, inchding [he land,
godowns or outhouses appurtenant thcrcto, whc~eontwenty
or more workers are working. or were worhng on any day
of he preceding twelve months, and in any pa? of which a
manufacturing process connected with the producrion of
sugar by means of vacuum pans or in open pans is being
carl-icd on,or is ordinarily so carried on. wilh the aid of

puwcr ;and

  1. Subsrirt~redfor rhe wt~rdsEast “Punjab” by chc Adaplation c~fLaws Ordcr.
  2. Subslitutcd [or rhe word “Punjab” by rhc Adap~rrtirmof I-aws Order. 1968.
  3. Added by Haryma Adapr~tionof Laws Order. 1g6S.
  4. Inscried by Haryann AH 10 of 2002.(e) “occupier of a sugar factory” means any person who has
    conlrol over the affairs of a sugar factory.
  5. TheControllermay, byordcrinwritingdirec( theowneror
    : occupier of a sugar factory or any other person to furnish, wjthin thc
    time and in thc manner specified, such returns relaring to stocks of
    molasses in his possession as may be specified in the order.
    [3A.(1) TheController,may by order in writing direct any owner
    or occupierof a SugarFactory or distillery or any other person permitted
    to store and preserve molasses under clause (in)of sub-scction (1)of
    section 4 to construct within such time as may be specificd in the order
    tanks for the storage of molasses.
    (2) Where any person directed under sub-section (I) to
    construci tanks fails to du so, heConh-ollcr may cause tanks to be
    consmcted through any otheragency and recover thecost of construclion
    from the defaulter as arrears of land revenue.
  6. (1) Save in accordancc with a written permit is sued by the
    CantroIler no person shall-
    (i) move molasses by road, raiI, river, or other means, or
    ‘[(ia)srorc or preserve molasses, or]
    (ii) sell or othenvisedisposeof molasses to any person, other
    than the Government or a person licensed by the
    Government in this behalf.
    (2) Thc Conrroller may,by ordcrin writing, dircct thc owner
    or occupier of n sugar factoryto supply molnsses of such quality and in
    such qunntity at such times and in such manner to such pcrson orpersons
    as the Controller may direct.
    3[(3) The owner or occupier of a sugar factory situated in the
    State of Haryana shall pay to the Government such administrativecharges
    at such rate as the Government may fix by nolificarion in thc Officiiil
    Gazcttc, not exceeding twenty-five rupces per quintal on cxport of
  7. Seclion 3A inserted by Punjab Act 9 or 1364.
  8. [nscrtcd by ibirl .
  9. Addcd by Haryana Act 20 of 2002.
    Power of [he
    Clnntrollcr 10
    ask for
    Power of
    controller to
    of tanks for
    storage of
    Olher powers
    of the
    Cvn!rol!er.Powcr of the 5. The Government may from time to time, –
    to rcgulale
    priccs, erc.
    (a) regulate the prices at which andthe manner in which different
    grades of molasses may be sold; and
    (b) prescribe the manner in which molasses shall be graded, :
    marketed packed or stored forsale.
    l[6.(1) Where any person-
    (i) fails toexplain the shortage of molasses to the satisfaction of
    the Controller or disposes them of otherwise than in
    accordance with the directions of ~hcController, the
    Controller may, afieldaffording such person an opportunity
    of being heard, direct him to pay by way of penalty a sum
    not less than twenty rupecs and not more than fifty rupees
    per quintal; and
    (ii) contravenes any provision,other than those referred to in
    clause (i),of this Act OF of any rule, order or direction made
    or given thereunder, the Controller may, after affording such
    person an opportunity of being heard, direct him to pay by
    way of penalty a sum not exceeding two thousand rupees !
    and if the contravention is a continuing one to pay a daily
    penalty not exceedingonc hundredrupees during thc period
    of the continuance of the contravention.

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