Bridge, Conservancy, Dangerous Disease, Drain, Holding, Hut, Inhabitant,
Land, Market, Owner, Private Street, Public Street, Sewage, Slaughter-House,

to make provisions for the establishment of a Municipal Corporation in Gangtok and for matters connect
[12tll October, 1975]
. WHEREAS,. it. Is expedient to make provisions for the establishment of a Municipal
Corporation at Gangtok and matters connected
It is hereby enacted: as follows;
. .
1 (i) This Act may be called the. Gangtok Municipality, Corporation Act,

  1. . (2) It extends and applies to the town of Gangtok; but the State
    Government, may- by notification extend all or any of the provisions of,
    this Act to areas outside the town of Gangtok.
    ‘(3) It shall come into force [at once.]
  2. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,
    2[ (1 ) “Administrator” means the officer appointed by the State
    (Government under. sub-section (5) of section 3 ;} .
    {I a) “bridge” includes a culvert;
    (2) building includes a, house, out-house, stable, privy, urinal,. shed,
    hut” wall (0ther than a boundary wall not exceeding ten feet in height
    and any other such structure,” whether of masonry” bricks, wood, mud,
    metal or any’ other material whatsoever but
    ” Administrator”
    ——————————— ~~~-
    Short title, extent and
  3. Subs, by sec. 3 of G. Nt. C. (Amd.) Act No. .5 of 1’976. (w.e. f. 9.12.76). 2. Ins.
    by sec. 2 of G. M. C. (Amd.) Act No. t of 1982 (w. e. f, 9. 12. 76). .14
    agreement and surrounded by one set of boundaries:
    Provided that where two or more adjoining holdings from part
    and parcel of the site or premises of a dwelling house, manufactory,
    warehouse or place of trade or business, such holdings shall be. deemed to
    be one holding for the purpose of this Act.
    Explanation.- Holdings separated by a street or other means of
    communication shall be deemed to be adjoining within the meaning of this
    (7) “hut” means any building which is constructed principally of wood,
    bamboo,’ mud, leaves, grass
    or thatch and includes any temporary structure of.

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