Forest, Janmam Estate, Janmi, Malabar Tenancy Act, Plantation Crop, Tenant

Gudal~rr Jarl~za~n Estates (Abolition and Conversion it2 to Ryotwmi)
(5) The Settlement Officer shall, i nunediately after
tllc ‘late of the publication of the notjficatioll undfir sub*
section (4), publish in the District Gazette, a copy of the
notification under sub-secticn (4) 2nd shall also cause to
be published ii~ a conspicuous place in the village in which
the janmain estate is situated a copy of the notification
under sub-section (4) together with such particulars as
may be prescribed.
Definitions. 2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,
(1) all expressions defined in the Mala
Act shall have the same respective meaning Act with the modifications, if any, made by this Act ;
(2) ” 2 ppointed day ” means the date appointe
by the Government under sub-section (4) of .section 1
(3) ” Ilircctor ” ‘means the Director of ~ittlernt: t
appointed under section 4 ; 1 ,..
(4) ” forest ” includes waste or arable land containing trees, shrubs or reeds.
Explanation.–A forkst shall not cease t
reason only of the fact that in a portion th
shrubs or reeds are felled, or lands are cultivate
roads, tanks, rivers or the like exist ;
(5) ” Gwernment ” means the State Government
(6) ” janmarn estate ” means any parcel or parcel of land included in the holding of a janmi ;
-(7)’ ” janmi ” means a person entitled to t
proprietorship of land and includes a trustee , . thereof ;
(8) ” Malabar Tenancy Act ” means the , . Tenancy Act, 1929 (Tamil Nadu Act XTV of
(9) ” plantation crop ” means tea, coffi,
cinchona or cardamox ;
(10) ” Settlement Officer ” means the Settlemen
Officer appointed under section 5 ;
(11) ” tenant ” means a verumpattamdar a
in sub-clause (a) of clause (29) of section 3 of the
Tenancy Ad ;
( 12) ” Tribunal ” WdnS the Tribunal c~nstitut
under section 7.

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