Stamp Act, Stamp Duty

1 ;o provide for increase in certain stamp duties le-viable urider
thf by Stamp Act, 1958

Stamp 1Duties ..
is Act nnay be 4
shall cc)me into force 01isuch date as tl:
fication in the C?&iaZ Grazette appoint.
Short tit11Increase in
duties. ”

  1. Notwithstanding anything oontained in the Bombay Stamp Ad;, Born.
    1958 ( hereinafter referred to as “-the principal Act “), the amount of the :F
    stamp duty chargeable under the principal Act in respect of the instruments loas,
    mentioned in Schedule I thereof and specified in the Schedule to this Act
    shall be increased by ten per cent :
    Provided that when the amount of the increased duty so chargeable
    on any instrument cannot be expressed in a whole number of nap paise
    it shall be rounded off to the next higher naya paisa if the fraction be half
    or more ;and if the fraction be less than half it shall be disregarded.
  2. After section 11 of the principal Act, the %llowing section shall ba
    of new
    llA inserted, namely :-
    in Born. LX ‘
    of 1868,
    Use of
    adhesive of this Act, in the case of instruments specified in the Schkdule to
    stamps in
    ” 11A. Notwithstanding anything contained in the othe+ provisions
    of Gujarak Increase of Stamp Duties Act, 1961, adhesive stamps may be 1961.
    instruments. OBcial Gazette direch I’.
    ( Vide section 2 )

    Provisions 4. The provisions of the principal Act, shall, except in so far as they
    principal are inconsistent with anything herein contained, apply for the purposes of
    Act so far
    as not in- this Act.
    to apply for
    of this Act.
    certain used to such extent as the State Government may by notification in the
    Instruments mentioned in Xchedule I to the principal Act and
    chargeable with increaser1 clzsty under the entries therein.
    (1) Every Agreement and Memorandum of an agreement chargeable
    under entry 5.
    (2) Every Bond chargeable under entry 13 and every other instrument
    chargeable with the same duty as a Bond.
    (3) Every ClearanceList chargeable under any of the entries 19,20, 21,
    22 or 23.
    (4) Every- conveyance chargeable under entry 25 and every other
    instrument chargeable with the game duty as a Conveyanoe.
    (5) Eveiy Note or Memorandum chargeable under entry 43.

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