Agriculture and Agricultural Purpose, Agriculturist, Agro Industry, Co-
operative Society

Act to make provisions to facilitateadequdteflow of tredit for
agricultural production and developmentthroubh banks
1973 ‘
and other institulional credit ageneies’and ,,. for
matters connect* therewith or,.,,,
. incidental thereto.
Be ic enacted by the Legislature of the State of Haryana in the
Twenty-fourth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-
Whether repealed or riit~wwise
affected by Lcgislntiun
Amended by Harydna
Act 17 of 1978′

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Haryana Agricultural Credit short title,
    Short rille
    Thc Hnryana Agricullural ,
    Credit Operations and
    Miscellaneous Provisions
    (Banks) Act. 1973
    cxtent and
    Operations and Mr scellaneousProvisions(Banks), Act, 1973.
    (2) It extends to the whole of the state of Haryana.
  2. For Smtcment of Objecls and Reasons. see Haryana Go~~errrrrlattGazclre’
    (ExrraorditlayvJ,dated Ihe 3rd April, 1973, page 798. .
    . .
  3. For Statement of Objects and Rcasons, ree Haryat~aGovenlrnent Gozerte
    ILrmordirlory), dated the 3rd April, 1973. page 470.2D2 AGRICULTURALCREDIT OPERATIONS AND – 11973 :HaryanaAct ji
    (3) It shall cbme intoforceon such* date as the Srate Government
    may, by notification, appoint aid different dates may be appointed for
    different provisions of this Ael ind for different areas of the State.
  4. In this Acl, unless the context othenvise requires,–
    (rr) “agriculture”and “agricultural p~~rpose”shall include
    making’land lit for cultivalion, cultivalion of land,
    improvementof land including devclopmcn~of sources of
    i migation, raising, protecting and halnvestingof craps,
    horticulture, forestry, planting and farming,cattle breeding,
    animal husbandry, dairy farming, seed farming,
    pisciculture, apicultule, sericulture, piggery,poultry fming
    and such other activities as are generally carried on by
    ag-iculturists,daiiqr farmers,cattlebreeders, poultry farmers
    and other categoriesof personsengagedinsimilar activities
    includingmarketingof agriculturalproducts, their stonge
    and transport and the acquisit~onof implements and
    machinery in conneclion with any such aciivity ;
    . ..
    (b) “agriculturist”meansaperson whoisengaged in agriculture I
    (c) “Ag~n-IndustriesCorporation”means a cornyany 01. other
    . 6,dy cbrpdrate, oneof the principal objectivesof which is
    to uiiderta kc activilies connected with or intended for the
    development of agciculture and not less than fifty one per
    centum of the paid up share capital of which is held by (he
    Central Government or by any Statc Government
    or Government or partly by the Central
    Government and partly by one or more State
    Regulation Act, 1949 ;
    -ti)’-;i banking company as defined in the Banking
    (dl “bank”means –
  • Appoin~(he 28th August, 1974 as the date on which hesaid Act shall come
    into force vide Haryana Govt. Agriculture Dcpn, notilkation No.ARC-n-741
    27i68,dated thc 22nd November, 1974 (Extraordinary).., 1973 :,HaryanaAct34 1 AGlfCUUrCIRALCREDIT OPERATIONS AND ‘ 203

    (iij the StateBankof India constitutedunderthe State Bank
    of India Act, 1955 ;
    (iii) a subsidiary bankas defined in thc StateBank of India
    (Subsidiary Bank) Act, 1959 ;
    (iv) aiy of the banks mentioned in column 2 of rhe First
    Schedule to the BankingCompanies (Acquisitionand
    Transfer of Undertakings) Act,i 1970 ;
    (vi} the Agriculrural Refinance Corporation constituted
    under the Agricultural Refinance Corporation Acr.
    1963 ;
    (vii) the Agro-Industries Corporation as defined in sub-
    clause (c) ;
    company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956
    (ir) any other financial institution notified by the State
    Government in the Official Gazette as a bank for the
    {viii)’the AgricuIturd Finance. Corporation Limiled, a
    purposesof this Act ;

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