Canal, Drainage Work, Field, State Tube-Well, Temporary Watercourse, Tube-
Well, Vessel, Watercourse

to regulate irrigation,navigationand drainage in Haryana.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of thc State of Haryana in the
Short tirlc
29 ThcHaryana Calla1
and Drainage Act,
Twenty-fifth Year of Republic ofIndia as follows :-

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Haryana Canal and Drdnage Short titkc,
    Whelher repealed or oherwisc
    affected by legislalion.
    Amended by Haryana Act 18 of 1977:
    Amended by Haryana Act 29 of 1980′

extent and
Act, 1974.
(2) It extends to the whole,of the State of Haryana.
(3) It shall come into force on *such date as the,State
Government may, by notification, specify.

  1. For Statemenl ofObjccts and Reasons, see Huolano Governmcnf Gazeite
    (Ehordinary),datedlhe7th~ovember,1973, 2063-64.
  • Specifiesthe 7UIApri1, 1976, as the date onwhich thisAct shall come intoiorce,
    vide Irrigation and Power Deparlments, notificalion No.19 16-4PW
    I 1-76/11990,daled the 5thApril, 1976.
  1. For Statcrncnl of Objects and Reasons, see Huryana Goverrrmet~rGmerrc
    (Extraordinary),dated (he3rd July, 1977, page 1184.
  2. For Statement of Objecls and Reasons, see Horyana Govenrment Guzerte
    (Extraordinary), dated the 5 LbJuly,1980, page 1260.
  3. For Statcment ofObjecb and Reasons,.see Haryana Government Gazette
    (Extraordinary), daledthe 22ndDecember, 1987, page 2027.306
    11974 :HaryanaAc t 29
    Definitions. 2. In this Act, unless there is anythingrepugnant in the subject or
    (I) “Canal”-includes,-
    (a) all canals, channels and reservoirs constructed,
    maintained or controlledby the State Government for
    the supply of water ;
    (b) all works, embankrnents, structures,including outlets,
    supply andescapechannelsconnected with suchcanals,
    channels orresemojrs ;
    (c) all watercourses’;
    (d) all pans ofa river, stream, lake or natural collection of
    water or natural drainage channel, to which the Statc
    Government has applied the provisionsof Part It of this
    Act ;
    , ,,
    (c) a11 field drains ;

# ail state tubewelis ;

(g) all drains, works, cmbankments and structures,
connected with drains, maintained orcontrolledby the
State Government.
(2) “CanalOTljcer” means an officer appoinredunder this Act
bythe SfateGovernment, by noti ficaiion,toexerciseconuol orjurisdiction
over a canaI or any pare thereof ;
“Chief Canal Officer”means ‘An officer exercising general control
in respect of canals in the State ;
“SuperintendingCanal Officer”means inofficerexercising general
control over a canal or portion ofa canal;
“DivisionalCanal Officer”means an officerexercising control over
a division ofa canal ;’ ‘
“SubDivisional Canal Offtcer” means an officerexercisingcontrol
over a sub-division of a canal: ;
“Deputy Collector” means an officer appointed to perform the
functions of Deputy Collectorunder this Act ;1974 :IIaryanaAct 29 1
(3) “Cotlectorf’means the headrevenue officerof a district, and
includes any other officer appointed under this Act by the State
Government, by notification, to exercise all or any OF the powers of a
Collector ;
(4) “Commissioner”means aCommissionerof aDivision,and
includes any officer appointed under this Act by the State Government,
by notification,to exercise all or any of the powers of aCommissioner ;
(5) “cul~urablecommanded area” means that portion of a
culturable imgable area which is commanded by flow or lift irrigation
from anirrigationchannel, outlet orState tubewell ;
(6) “district”means a district as fixedfor revenue purposes ;
(7) “drainage work” includes escape channels from canals,
dams, weirs, embankments, sluices, groins and other works for the
protection of lands from flood or fromerosion, formed or maintained by
the State Government under the provisions of Part VII of this Act, but
does not includeworks for the removal of sewage from towns ;
(8) “field drain” includcs drains and other similar works
constructedormaintained by Iandowners themselves ;
(9) means prescribed by rules framed under this
Act ;
(10) “shareholder”means aperson who is interestedin the land
which is irrigated or likely to be irrigated by a canal and also includes a
person who is interested ina field drain ;
(11) “Statetubewell” means a lubewe1lhitherto conslructed,
maintained orcontrolledorwhich may behereafterconstructedmaintained
or coorr6lled by the State Govemmcnt or the Havana State Minor
Irrigation (Tubewells)Corporation Limired,andincludes all mechanical
and electrical appliances, tools and structures appertaining to it and
necessary for the abstraction of water from it ;

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