Adult, Agricultural Worker, Banjar Land, Family Land, Landowner, Minor,
Orchard, Pepsu Law, Separate Unit, Surplus Area, Tenant

to consolidnre and amend the law relating to ceiling on land
holdings in the-Stateof Harpna.
BEit enacted by the Legislature of the State of Hary~nain the
Twenty-thirdyear of theRepublic of India as follows :-

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Whether repealed or otherwise
affected bj;hgisiarion
Amended by Haqka Act 17 of 19763
Amended by Haryana Act 40 of 1976′
Amended by Haqana Act 47 of 19765
Amended by Haryana Act 14 of 19776
Amended by Hvka Act 18 d 1978′
Amended by Haryana Act 14 of 19839
Amended by Haryana Act 2 of 1987’u
Shon title
Ceiling an
Land Holdings
Act. 1972

, , cmwc ON LANDHOLDWGS [I972:Haryana Act 26
Shorl litle
and extent.
as to giving
effect to cer-
tain directive

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Haryana Ceiling on Land
    Holdings Act, 1972.
    (2) It extends to the whole of the State of Haryana.
  2. 1t is hereby declared that this Act is for &ing effect to the ‘
    policy of the state towards securing the principles specified in clauses
    (b) and (c) of article 39 ofthe Constitution of India.
  3. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (a)”adult”means a person who is not a minor ;
    (6) “agriculturalworker” means a person whose principal
    meansof livelihood is the income he gets as wages in
    cash or kind or partly in cash and partly in kind, in
    ‘connection with the agricultural operations he
    performs ;
    (c) happointed day” means the twenty-fourth day of
    January, I971;

    (d) “bacjar land” means land which hae,remained
    uncultivated for a continuous period of not less than
    two years immediately preceding the appointed day ;
    (e) “Collector”means the Collector of a djstrjcr or any
    . ether officer not below the rank of an Assistant
    Collector of the firit grade empowered in this behalf
    by stat^ G~vcrnment;
    ‘[(J”family” means husband, wife and their minor
    children or any two or more of them.
    E,~plat~ario~i 1.- .4 married minor daughter shall not be
    !rezrecl ss a child,
    -F,xp!flnnrinr,I]– child shall include-
    (i) Child of the husband from his deceased or
    divorced wife and Iiving with him ;
    I. Substituted by Havana Act 17 of 1976.1972 :, Haryana Act 261 CEIL~NGONLAND HOLDINGS
    (ii) child of the wife from her deceased or divorced
    husband and living with her ;
    (iii) illegitimate child of the husband or the wife and
    living with them or either of them ;
    (g) “land” means land which is not occupied as the site
    of any building in a town or village and is occupicd
    or has baen let for agricultural purposes or for
    purposes subservient to agriculture, or for pasture,
    and includes-
    (a) the sites of buildings and other smctures on such
    land, and
    (b) banjar land ;
    (h) “landowner” means the owner of land ;
    (i) “minor”means a person who. ,has not completed the
    age of eighteen years ;
    (j) “orchard”means a compact area of land. other than
    land under grape garden of IEvine-yard or banana or
    guava trees], having hitbearing trees grown thereon
    , in suchnumber that they preclude, or when fully grown
    would preclude a substantial iart of such land from
    being used for any agricultural,purpose ;
    (k),”Pepsu law” means the Pepsu Tenancy and
    Agricultural LandsAct, 1955 ;
    (I) tipermissiblearea”means rhe extent of land specified
    in scction 4 as the permissible sea ;,
    (m) “person” includes a company, family, association or
    other body of individuals. wherher incorporated or
    not, and any institution capable of holding property :
    (tr) “presciibed”means prescribed by rules made undcr
    rhis Act ;
    jo j “prcs~ribedauiho~iiy”means sn a;;:hori :y pp:escribed,
    by rules made under this Act ;
    (p) “Punjab law” means the Punjab Securiiy ofLand
    Tenures Act, 1953 ;

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