Colonizer, Cyber City, Cyber Park, External Development Works, Group
Housing, Integrated Commercial Complex, Internal Development Works,
Plot/Flat Holder, Property Dealer, Urban Area

Be it enacted by the Le~slatureof the State of Haryana in the
Twenty-fifth year of theRepublic of India as follows :-

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Haryana Developmenr and
    Shori titlc,
    extent and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975.
    (2) It shall appIy to a11 urban areas in the State of Haryana.
    (3) It shall be deemed to have come into force on the 16th day
    of November, 1971, except section 10 which shall come into force at
    Dcf~tions. 2. Tn this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (a)-“advertisement” means any word, letter, model, sign,
    pIacard, board, notice, device or represcntation in any
    manner whatsoever, wholly or in part, intended for the
    purpose of advertisement, announcement ordirection,
    and includes any structure used or adapted for the
    display of advertisements :
    l[(aa) “agriculture” includes hort~culture,dairy farming,
    poultry farming and the planting and upkeep of an
    orchard ;J
    (b) “building”means any shop, house, hut, out-house, shed
    or stable, whether used for the purpose of human
    habitation or otherwise and whether of masonry,
    bricks, wood, mud, thatch, metal or any other material
    whatsoever, and indudes a waII’;
    ‘[(c) lt~~lony” means an arca ofland divided or proposed to
    be divided into plots or flats for residential,
    commercial, industrial, cyber city or cyber park
    purposesor for the construction of flats in the form of
    group housing or for the construction of integrated
    commercial complexes,but an area of land divided or
    proposed to be divided-
    (i) for the purpose of agriculture ;or
  2. Inserted by Haryana Act l! of1989.
  3. Substituled by Haryana Act 11of 2003.1975 :Flaryana Act 81 DEVELOPMEhT AND REGULATICN OF URBAN AREAS 417
    (ii) as a result of family pmition, inheritance, succession
    or parti tion of joi nt holdinb nor with the motive of
    eamirig profil ;or
    . .
    (iii) in furtherance of any scheme sanction under any
    (iu) by the ownerofafactory for sctliniup ofa housing
    colony for the labourers or the employees working
    .in the factory;provided there is no profit
    . .
    motive ;or ,
    . <.
    (v).when it docsnotexceedone~housandsquare metres
    or srlch lcss ires as may bc decided from time lo
    time in an urban area to be notifiedby Government
    for the purposes of this sub-clause.
    shall not be a colony ;1
    (d) “colonizer” means an individual, company or
    association or body of individuals, whether
    land for converting it into a colony and to whom a
    licence.has been granted under,[his Act ; -, _

, ,-
: ‘[(dil) “cybercityt1’meansself contained intelligent city with
high quality of infrastmcture. attiactive surrounding
‘ ‘ and’high-speedcommuriicationaccess to be developed
for neculea~ingthe’lnfomation Technology concept
gcrminatia’f~of mediurnand Iarge sofmare companies
aud InigimaiionTechnologyenqbledselvices,wherein
no manufatun’ng units shall be permitted ;,,
(ddd) “cyber park-“means an.qeadeveloped exclusively -for
., –
Iocaring sofrware development activities and
Inf~~ation~Technqlogy Enabled Seruig,es,wherein no
manufacturing of any kind (including assembling’
acti vities) shall be pmiued ;]
(e) “development works” means internal and external
development works,;

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