Auditorium, Prohibited Period, Show, Smoking

to provide for the prohibition of smoking in cinema and
thcatrc halls.
Be it enacted by the’tegislatureof the Statc of Haryana in the
Short rille
bition of Smoking in
Cinema and Theatre
Halls Act, 1974.
Twenty-fifth Year of,theRepublic,of India as follows :-

  1. (I) ThisAct may bccalledtheHavanaProhibitionof Smoking short title and
    in Cinema and Therltrc Halls Act, 1974′.
    (2) .Itcxteydsto hewhole of the State of Haryana.
  2. In.thisAct, unless the context otherwiserequires,-
    (a)”auditorium”means thepotionof the building occupied
    by the audience or spectators during a
    show ;
    (b) “Inspixtor”means an officer appointed by the State
    Government ta perform the functions of an Tnspcctor
    under this Act ;
    ‘ thccnd thercof ;
    (c) “prohibited pcribd” means tile period beginning horn
    half an hour before’thc’cormmencementof a show till
    , .. ,
  3. For Statement of Objccts and Reasons, see Haryarra Goverrtment Gazette
    (Bxhaordinary),dated the 2ndJuly, 1914,page Y 18.Offences.
    Power of
    Powcr to
    Power to uy
    Power to make
    302 PROHIBITION OFSMOKING IN CINEMA AND , – 11974 :HavanaAct 26
    (d) “show” means a cinematograph exhibition or
    performance of ,adrama;
    (e) “smoking”means smoking of tobacco in any form,
    whether as cigarette, cigar, beeri,or in pipe or Hukka.
  4. (1) No person shall smokein cinema or rheatrehall, during the
    prohibited period, eitherin the auditorium or on the stage, except in so Far
    as the smoking may be a part of the periormancc. ‘
    (2) Any person who conlravenesthe provisions of sub-section
    (I)shall be liable to be t,umedout of the cinema or theatre hall without
    payment of any compensation or refund of any payment made by him
    and shall also be liable towstfor [hepurposes of section42 oftheCode
    of criminal Procedure, 1973,andon convictionto a finewhich’mayextend
    lo twenty rupces.
  5. An inspectormay enter acinema or theatrehall – to.satisfy himself
    that the provisions of this Act are not being contravened.
  6. No prosecution under this Act shall be institutcd except on !he
    complaint,in writing, of an inspectorauthoriscdin this behalf by a general
    or special order of the Director of Health Services, Haryana.
  7. AII cases under this Act shall be tried in the manner provided
    for the summary trial under the Code of Crim~nalProcedure, 1973.
  8. (1 The State Government may, by notification, inal(emru1es
    forcarryingout the purposes of this Act. . . *.,
    (2) Every rule made under this section shall be laid assoon as
    may be after it is made before the House of the state ~egislaturewhile it
    is in session for a total period of ten days which,mnybe comprised in one
    session or in two successive.sessions,and if beforethe expuy of the session
    in which it is so laid or the sessionimmediately following the House agrees
    in making any modification in the rule or the ~ouseagrees that the rule
    should not be made, the rule shall thereafter have effqct only in such
    modified form or he of noeffect, as the case may be, so however that any
    such modification or annulment;hall be without prejudice to the validity

    of anything previ-ouslydone under that rule.
    is hereby repealed.
  9. h he ~unjab~rohibi~ibn of smoking(cinema and ~heatre~alls)
    Act, 1951(Punjab Act 8of 195 l),in its application to the Stateof Haryana.

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