Affiliation, Aided School, Existing School, Minority School, Private School,
Recognised School, School, School Property

An Act to provide for better orgat~;.~ationand developmenl of schcol education
In the State of Haryana and for nlarters co~rnectedthero~bilhor inci-
dental thereto.
BBit enactcd by thc Legislature of tho State of Haryana in the F{>rty-
sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-

  1. (I) This Act !nay bc callcd the 1lnry:llln Scllool Education Act, Short title.
    (2) It cxtcnds to the wholc or tlicStatr of I-laryana.
    (3) It shall come into rorce on scli d.tlc, as thc Statc .;t~vernlnent may, by notification, appoint and dirrcrcnt dates may be appointed for different provisions of this Act, and any rcrcrcncc to thc c~imencement
    of this Act in relation to any provision lhcrcof shall be cowctrued as
    a reference to the date on wl~ichthat provision comes into rorce.
  2. 111 this Act, unless thocontext otlicr\visc requires,-
    lllnt authority ;
    (a) “affiliation” means ror~nalenroln~cntof a school among the
    list of approvcd schools of a Board or Council for Indian
    School Certificate Examinations, rollowing prcscrtbed/
    approved courscs of studics up to class VIII, X and XI1
    as well as those preparing students accding to prescri- ‘
    bed courses for tl~cBoard’s examinations or Council for
    Indian School Certificate Examinations;
    (b) “aid” means any aid gmntccl to a rccognised school by the
    Govcrnment, a local authority or any olhcr authority
    designated by the Govcr~~mcnt, Director or a local autho- ,
    rity ;
    (c) “aidcd scl~ool”means ;I, recognised private school which is
    receiving aid in thc I’orm of grant l?om thc Govcrnment ;
    (d) “appropriate authority” means,-
    (i) in the casc of a scl~oolrccogniscd or Lo be rcco::nised by an
    authority desigl~atetlor sponsoreby the C;overnment.

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