Adult, Banjar Land, Collector, Family, Handicapped Person, Houseless
Person, Landless Person, Land Revenue, Minor, Orchard, Other Eligible
Person, Permissible Area, Private Forest, Separate, Surplus Area, Tea Estate,

THE PIhh~lhr3r’Lnl~ PHhDTa3iP &IE:,lldlNG OV LAND I’iOT,DlNGS
ACT, 1972
(Act No. 19 OF 1973)’

  1. Short titlc, extent and colamellce~neiit.
  2. Dzclaration as to givinz effect to certain Directiv: Principles of
    State Policy. 3. b)efi,lition;.
  3. Permissible area.
  4. Exemptions.
  5. Ceiling on 1a:ld.
  6. Cerlnin transfers !lot to affect the surplus area.
  7. Selectio~l of permissible area.
  8. Deelaraticn supported by afidavits to be furnished by certain lalldowners and tenants.
  9. Submission of statement to Coliector.
    1 I. Vesting of s~rplus area ill tl~; State Goverr~inent.
  10. Parer to take possessio~l of separate :ir-a.
  11. Powers to separate shares of l~tnd-ow11~i.s.
  12. Priliciples for determination ad payment of amount.
  13. Di::3osal of surplus area.
    14-A. Utilinatio~~ of land for development of the State.
  14. Bar of future acquisition of land in excess of perrnissible area.
  15. Future acquisition of land by inheritance or otherwise in excess of
    permissible area or illcrease in such area as a result of operation
    of this Act;.
    18, Bar of jurisdic!ion.
  16. Mode of recovery of ainou!-it ?t?d penalty.
  17. Appeal, review and revision.
  18. Oficers holding cnquirjes to have powex of civil courts.
  19. Pcnalty for making false statement.
  20. Procedure.
  21. Certain officers to be pblic senants.
  22. Protection of action talcen under this Act.
  23. Power to make rules.
  24. Power ro reii1-\,e dir’licuiii;~.
  25. Repeal and saviags.
    -.-_ —_ * _ – – –
  26. For the Authoritatile HIII~I Te .t se: R. J-I. P. Fxtra., dared 12-12-1987,
    P. 2477

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