Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

by each pasty to the marriage garlanding the
(c) by the t$n$ of the thali,
(2) (a) Notwithstanding mything contained in section ?.
to which this section applies solemnised after the commence-
ment of the Hindu Marriage (Pondicherry Amendment)
Aqt, 1971 shall be good and valid in law.
(b) Notwithstanding anything colnt&ed in section 7 or
in any text, rule or interprelation of Hindu law or any custom
commencement of the HInclu Marriage (Pondicherry Amend-
ment) Act, 1971, or in any other law in force immediate!^
kefore such commencement or in any judgment, decree sr of any court, but subject to sub-section (3), all marriages
to which this section applie solernnised at any time before
such commencement shall be deemed to have been, with efffci
on and fro= the date of the solemmisation of each such
marri~gerespectively, good and valid in law. .
(3) Nothing contained in this seciion shall be deemed to-
(a) render valid any marriage refend lo in clause (b)of
sub-section (2), if before the commencement of the Hindu
Marriage (Pondicherry Amendment) Act, 1971,-
(i) such marriage has L-een diss3lved under any custom-
Qi) the woman who wes a pgrty to such marriage has,
yhether during or after the life gf the other party theretq,
jawfvlly masrid apother ; or
(b) render invalid a maartage belween any two Hinduq
solemnged at any time before suuh comrnenceit?ent, if su&
mqricge was valid gt that-time ; or
(c) reader valid a’marriage between tiny .two tiindus
gofemisecl at any time before SIXH commencement, if such
marriage was invalid at that time on any ground other than
that it was not solemnised in acxmdance with the customary
I;titei-j and erem monies of either party ther&o :
Provided that nothing contaiineld in this sub-section shall
render any person liable to any punishment whatsoever by
reason of anythbg dofie or omitted to be done by him
before such conmencement,
(4) .Any child of the parties to a marriage referred to in
clause (b) of sub-section (2) born df such rnamiage shall be
dermed to be the:? legitimate chi!d :’
Fic.v;ded that in a case fa!l;ng unjor sub-cla~i.ce(i) cr
srtb–!aL~se (ii) of clause (3) of su;-9ecti=t1 (2). SC+ ~!?iici ”-2′:
t:ego’:ten bel’ore the date cf the dissalution of the marriage or.
as the case may be, befcie the date of the second of the
marriages referred io in Lhe said siib-clause (ii).”.

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