Central Act Amendment, The Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1908

Act further to amend the Indian Criminal Law
ment Act, 1908, in its application to the 3[State
W~BASit is expedient further to emend :he Indian
Criminal L?.w Amend men1 Ac! ,1908, in ir s appliotion to
the 8[State of Tamil N+.C~U1, for I he purposes hereinafte-
sppezring ; It is hereby en8,cted ESfellows ::-
I. (1) This Act ]nay be call.:d the Inc’ian Crimiml LRw
Amend me& ‘[Tamil Nadu] Act, 1950.
(2) It extends i-o 1he whole
‘This ex~ression was substituted for the expression a
These words were substituted for the word c6 Madras . by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969. a For Stat~ll~- t of objects2nd Reasons, see Fm St.’George Btl.–rdinar~,dated th282hJuly 1950, Part IV-A, pages 31&315,, Madras” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws ardc ammded by the Tamil lqadu Adaptation of ~aws(&G~ meat) \9rder, 1969,1950 :T.N. Act XEJ Indian Crimirral 137 ! 1 Amendment (TamflN~u) ‘1 (i)constitti{es a danger to tl~e blic pe&e, or (ii) hasinterferedor interferes withthe rnajn~enan
of public order or h8.s such interference for itsobjwt,or
(iii) has iderferred or interferes with the adminis-
tratio’nof the law, or has such interference for its object’.
shall be substituted, namely :-
(b) fix a reasonable period for any oB~e-bep,re~

member ofthe associalionor anyolher person interested
make a representation to the State <;overnment in
ect of the issue ofthe notifiw.tion.
(2) #Nothingin sub-section (1) shall require iht
State Government to disclose anyfacts.

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