Banker, Bill of Exchange, Bill of Exchange Payable on Demand, Bill of Lading,
Bond, Chargeable, Cheque, Collector, Conveyance, Duty Stamped, Executed
and Execution, Impressed Stamp, Instrument, Instrument of Partition, Lease,
Mortgage-deed, Paper, Policy

An Acr to consolidafe artd ornerd the law relorir~gto St~rrrps.
WHEREAS ir is expedient lo consolidarc and amend UIC law
rclaling to Stamps; It is hercby enaclcd as fallows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be caIled the Indian Stamp Act, 1899.
    ‘(2) It extends Lo Ihc whole of India cxcept ~hcSlate of Sarnmu
    and bhmir :
    Provided that it shall no1 apply to ={lherenicorics which, irnrne-
    dialely bcfore the 1st November, 1956, were comprised in Part B
    Statw (excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir) cxcept to he
    extent lo which Lhc provisions of this Act reIarc lo ratcs of stamp duty
    in respect of the docurnenls specified in enlry 91 of List I in he
    (27rh Jartuary, 1899.)

    Scvcnth Schedule LO he Conslitulian.
    (3) It shall come into force on Ihc firs^ day of July, 1899.
  2. In his AH, unless there is something repugnant in the
    subject or context,-
    (I) “banker” includcs a bank and any person acung as a bank-
    cr :”Bill OI
    “Bill of
    “Bill or
    [Act 11
    (2) “bill of exchange” means a bill of exchange as dcfincd by
    the Negotiable Inslruments Acl, 1881, and includcs also a hrrrrdi, and 26 or
    any oherdocurncnl enlitling or purporring 10 cntitle any person, whelher
    narncd therein or no[, lo paymcnt by any other person of, or lo draw
    upon any orher pcrson for, any sum of rnoncy :
    (3) “bill of exchangc payable on demand” includcs-
    (a) an ordcr far the paymen1 of any sum of money by a bill
    or cxchangc or promissory nole, or for [he delivery of any
    bill of exchangc or promissory nole in sarisfac~ionof any
    sum of rnoncy, or for he paymenr of any sum of money
    out of any particular fund which may or may not be avail-
    nblc, or upon any condition or conlingcncy which may or
    may nor be pcrfomed or happen:
    (b) an ordcr for [he paymcnl or any sum of moncy wcckly,
    monthly, or at any orher srared period; and
    (c) a letlet of credit, that is to say, any instnrmcnr by which
    onc person authoriscs anothcr to give credil ro rhc pcrson
    in whose favour it is dnwn :
    (4) “bill or lading” includes a “through bill of lading”, bul
    does not include a mare’s rcccipt :
    (5) “bond” includes-
    (a) any inslrurncnt whcreby a person obliges himself to pay
    moncy ro another, on condition that [he obligation shall bc
    void if a specified act is performed, or is nor pcrlbrmcd,
    as he casc may be;
    (6) any insb-umcnl attested by a wirness and no1 payable to
    order or bearer, whcrcby a person obliges himsclf ro pay
    money ro anothcr; and
    (c) any instrument so atrcslcd, whereby a persan obligzs him-
    self lo deliver grain or other agriculrural producc to anoih-
    (6) “chwgcable” means, as applicd lo an instrurnen~cxccu~cd
    or firs[ cxecu~edafter he commencement of his ACI,chmgcable under
    this Acl, and, as applicd to any other insrrumcnt, chargeable under rhe
    law in forcc in ‘[India] when such instrumen1 was cxcculcd or, where
    scvcral persons exccurcd rhc instrument a1 dilrcrcnt times, first execul :

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