Treasury, Indian Stamp Act

BEitenacted by the Legislature of the Slate of Orissa in the fifty-second
. Year of Ihe Republic of India as follows :-
short lille. 1, This Act may be called the Indian Slarnp (Orissa Amendment) Act,

Amendment 2. In section 4 of the Indian Stamp Act. 1899 (hereinafter referred to as

of section 6.
of secrion 31.
of section 47-
the principalAct) insub-section (I),for the words “one rupee and eight annas”,
the words “ten rupees” shall be substituled.

  1. Inthe proviso to section 6 ofthe principalAct, for the words “one rupee
    and eight annas”, the words “ten rupees” shall be substituled.
  2. In section 31 of the principal Act, in sub-section (I),for Ihe words “not
    exceeding five rupees” and “not less than fifty naye paise”, Ihe words “not
    exceeding twenty rupees” and “not less than five rupees”, shall respectively
    be substitu(ed.
  3. In section 47-A of the principalAct, in sub-section (2-a), for the words
    “twoyears”, the words “lhreeyears” shall be substituted.
    ‘ of seclion 73.
    Amendmenl 6. For section 73 of the principal Act, the following section shall be sub-
    stituted, namely :-
    “73.(1) Every public officer or any person having in his custody any
    registers, books, records, papers, documents or proceedings, Ihe inspections
    whereof may tend to secure any duty, or to prove or lead to the discovery of
    any fraud or omission in relation to any duty, shall at all reasonable limes
    permit any officer authorised in writing by the Collector to enter upon any
    premises and to inspect for such purposes the regislers, books, records,
    papers, documents and proceedingsand to take such notes and extracis, as
    he may deem necessary,without fee or charge and if necessary to seize them
    and impound the same under proper acknowledgement :
    Providedthat such seizure of my registers,books, records, papers, docu-
    ments or proceedings in the custodyof any Bank be made only after a notice
    of thirty days to make good the deficit of stamp duty is given.

For Ihe Bill see Onssa Gazelte, Ewtra~rdinarydated,lhe’

Arnendrnenl of
Schedule I-A.
Explanation-For the purposes of (his proviso ‘Bank’ means a banking
company as defined in section 5 of Ihe ~ankin’gRegulation Act, 1949 and
includes the Slale Bank of India, constiluted by the State Bank of India Act,
1955,a subsidiary bank as defined in the State Bank of lndia (Subsidiary Bank)
‘ Act, 1959corresponding new Bank as define in lhe Banking Companies (Ac-
quisition andTransfer of Undertakings)Ad, 1970 and in the Banking Compa-
nies (Acquisition and Transfer of Underlakings) Act, 1980. a Regional Rural
Bank established under the Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976, Ihe Industrial
Developmenl Bank of lndia established under the Industrial DeveIoprnent
Bank of India Act, 1964. National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Devefopment
established under the National Bank for ~~iicultureand Rural Development
Act, 1981, the Life Insurance Corporation of lndia established under the Life
Insurance Corporation Act, 1956, Ihe Industrial Finance Corpiration of
lndia established under the lndusltial Finance Corporation Act, 1948, and as
such other financial or banking instilulion owned. controIled or mpnaged by a
State Government or Ihe Central Government, as may be notified in this
behalf by the Government.

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