Trade Union, Disputes, Industrial Court

GUJ. GOVT.GAZ., EX.,FEB. 28, 19621PHALGUKA 9, lei33 PART IV
short titlo I,(I) This Act may be called the Indian Trado Dniona (Gujarst Amend-
comn’cn*mcnt)Act, 1961.
(2) It shall corrte into force on such date as tho State Governnle~ltmay by
notification in the Ojicinl Gnzctle, appoint.

  1. 11′ the preamble of the Indian Trade Unions Act,, 1926 in its application XIv
    of prcnml)lo to the Statc of Gllj~Kit(hereiti~ftcrreferred lo as “thc principal Act”) bcfurc ;hzs.
    2 6,:” the words “It. is hereby enacted ss fullo~vs”the, follawi~~gallall be insertcd,
    namely :-
    2 of net
    “A1i(1 whereas it is cxpedierit to provide for deciding displitcv relating to
    officers or ruembcrs of the exccut.ives of Trade Unions and for ccrtaiii other
    purpuscs hereinafter appcari~g;”.
    Anncnrllncllt 3. In scct.ion 2 of thc principal Act, after clause (n) the following clause
    of ~cctinn
    XVI uf
  2. ”(nu) ”InCiust.ri~1Cotirt,” lnrans the Industrial Court constitllted under Born.
    tho Hontbay Ilrdustrinl Hclatio~lv Act, 19.16, as in furcc iu the State of f:4:f
    shall be inserted, nan-iely:-
  3. In wction 6 of the principal Act, nfter clause If), the following shall bc
    of dct XYI inserted, namely:—
    of 1920.
    “(*f)the terrninatiorl of nlenlbership of the Trade Uriiorl of pcrsons whoso
    subscript.io11iu in ;meal’s for u period excecrli~ig six months or for ~mhlesser
    period nu mybe provided in t,lie rules ;”.
    Insortion of
    section 10~
  4. After aectio~10 of the principal Act, the following section shall be inserted,
    of existi~lg
    Trado I!liin~ts
    to 111ol;u
    vibinns ill
    their rules.
    in Act XVI llalnely :-
    of l9ZU.
    “1Od. (I)The rules nf every Tradc 1Tnion which was registered under Gnj.
    this Act before tht.. date of the commencement of the Indian Trade Urlions of VII
    (Gujarat Amendment) Act, 1961 nlid the ccrtifiratr, of registratiorl of \vhioh
    is in force on that date shall provide for the n~ntterspecified in clause ($)
    of section 6.
    (2) If no provisiorl AS required by sub-sect,iurl (1)is ~nnciein t.he rules of
    nny existing registered Trade Union herore t.he expiry of six ~iiunlhufrom tlic
    date nlelitiorled in sub-section (I), the ltegistrnr may cancel Ihe certificate
    of registration of awh Trade Union:-
    Provided that lint less than two months’ notice in writing fipecifying the
    , pound on which it is proposed to carlccl the ccrt,ificate shall be given by the
    Registrar to the Trade Union before the certificato is cancelled.”.
    hwrtion of 6, After section 11 of the principal Act, tho folowing section shall be inserted,
    fiection 11A
    in ~ctXYI namely :-PARTXv 1 GUS, GOVT.GAZ,, Ek.,FER.28, 1962/PIlALGlJh’~9, 1883 16i
    “1 1A. (1)Notwitlista~idingnnytbing contnined in sub-section (1)of scction Appeal to
    11, in the case of a TrdeU~iiouin relation to which t,he State Qovcrnn~cl~t I1ldu~t’ial Court it1 is the appropriate Governn~e~it,niiy person figgrieveti by any rcfu~alof t,hc ,,,,,i, .,,, Registrar to register sm:l~Tritdc U~lioilor Iry tlie withdra~rnlor cacellxtio~l of
    a certificate of registration mny, within such period ns rliay be prescribed,
    appeal to the Trldustrial hurt. Thc decision of tlle Iudnstrial Court in stich
    uppeal shall bo hal.
    (2) In re~lpectof an appeal under sub-section (I),tllc Industrial Court shall
    havo the same powcre and follow the same procednrc nu nn appellate Court
    II~Rand follows under sub-sections (2) and (3) of section 11.”.

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