Central Act Amendment, Industrial Disputes Act

to amend the Industrial Disputes Amendment and Miscellaneous
Provisions) Act, 1956, in its appIicaCion to the State of Punjab.
Be itenacted by the Legislatureof the State of Punjab in rhe Eighth
Year of the Republic of India as follows:-

  1. (i) This Act may be called the Industrial Di spure (Amendment shon ricle and
    and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Punjah Amendment) Act, 1957. commc~~ce-
    .’ .
    (ii)It shall come into force at once.
  2. Scction 30 of the Industrial Disputes (Amendment adArnendmtnt or
    Miscellancous Provisions) Act, 1956, in its application to the State oi seclion 30 of
    Punjah shall bc numbered as sub-section (I) of that section adParli”mcn’ Act
    thcrcafccr thc following sub-secrion (2) shall be added namely:–
    No.36 of
    “(2) If immediarely bcforc thc commencement of this Act
    there was pending any proceeding in rclation to sn
    industrial dispute befol-e’a Tribunal constituted under
    [he Industrial Disputes ACL,1947, as in forcc berore such
    commencement and such proceeding could not be
    disposedof by that Tribunaldue to thcTribunal having
    come to an end on !he expiry of tho period for which it
    was constituted, the State Govcrnrnent may re-consritu-e
    thar Tribunal for adjudicating that dispute and diposing
    OF tlrat proceeding aftel- such cornmencemcnt as if ths
    Act had not bctn passed, and the proceeding may be
    continued by that Tribunal fi-urn rhe stage at which il
    was left”.
    I. For Stiucmtnr of Objects and Rcasun.

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