Affiliated College, Area of the University, Autonomous College, Constituent
College, Court, Executive Council and Academic Council , Kanpur , Meerut,

jto esrablish and incorporate a university each at Kanpur and
3 Meerut.
IT is hereby enacted in the Sixteenth Year of the Republic of
ndia as follows :

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Kanpur and Meerut Univer- she* title and
    sities Act, 1965.
    (2) This Act shall come into force on such date as the State
    overnment may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint in this
    ehalf and different dates may be appointed in respect of the two
    niversities and also in respect of different provisions of this Act.
    ‘ 2. In this Act,unless there is anything repugnant to the subject De&&iolu.
    or context-
    (a) ”amated college” means an institution affiliated to
    the University in accordance with the provisions of this Act
    and the Statutes of that University;
    (b) “area of the University” means the area specified in
    respect of the University under section 4 ;
    (c) “autonomous college” means an affiliated college
    declared as an autonomous College by the University in
    accordance with the provisions of section 39 ;
    I (4″constituent college” means an institution main.
    tained by the University or by the State Government and
    named as suchby the Statutes of that University ;
    I (e) “Court” means the court of the University ;
    (f)”Executive Council” and “Academic Council” mean
    respectively the Executive Council and the Academic

Council of the University ;

[*Forstatement of Objects and Reasons, please see Uttar Pradesh Gazette
(Extraordinary), dated March 29, 1965.1
[Passed in Hindi by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council on April 7,
1965 and by the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly on April 27, 1965.1
[Received the Assent of the President on June 25, 1965 under Article
201, of the Constitution of India and was published in the Uttar Pradesh
Gazette Extraordinary, dated July 1, 1965.1of that University and in the case of Kanpur University also
within the limits of Allahabad or Lucknow University :
Provided that a college situate within the limits of
Lucknow Universnty or Allahabad University shall not be
admitted to the privileges of affiliation except with the
approval of the Chancellor of the Lucknow University or
Allahabad University, as the case may be ;
(iii) to institute degrees, diplomas and other academic
distinctions ;
(iv) to hold examinations for, and to grant and confer
degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions to and
on, persons who-
(a) have pursued the approved courses of studies in
the University, a constituent College or an affiliated
college ;or
(b) have carried on research in the University or in an
institution recognised in this behalf by the University
or independently under conditions laid down in the
Statutes and Ordinances ;or
(c) are teachers in educational institutions or inspect-
ing officers permanently employed in the Department of
Education, Uttar Pradesh, and satisfy the conditions laid
down in this behalf in the Statutes and Ordinances ;or
(d) are women and have carried on private studies
under conditions laid down in the Statutes and
Ordinances ;or
(e) are librdrians of the libraries of the University or
constituent colleges or affiliated colleges and satisfy the
conditions laid down in this behalf in the Statutes and
Ordinances ;
(v) to confer honorary degrees or other distinctions in
ithe mahDer and under conditions laid down in the Statutes ;
(vi) to grant such diplomas to, and provide such lectures
and instructions for, persons not being students of the
University, as the University may determine ;
(vii) to co-operate with other Universities and authorities
in such manner and for such purposes as the University may
Ordinances ;
(viii) to create teaching posts required by the University
.and to appoint persons to such posts ;
(ix) to prescribe conditions of affiliation of colleges and
.to satisfy itself by periodical inspection or otherwise that the
conditions are satisfied ;
(x) to institute and award fellowships, scholarships,
studentships and prizes in accordance with the Statutes and
%determine;(xi) to maintain and recognise hostels for students of the
university ;
(xii) to demand and receive such fees and other charges
as may be prescribed by the Ordinances ;

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