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Occupier, Owner, Person Interested, Prescribed Authority, Slum Area, Slum
Clearance Area, State Housing Board, Work of Improvement
Amendment appended: 2 of 2014

Act 33 of 1974.- The Mysore Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act,
1958 (Mysore Act 8 of 1959) which was enacted for the improvement and clearance
of slum areas in the State was struck down by the High Court and the appeal
preferred by the State Government against the decision is pending before the
Supreme Court.
Though local bodies have been effecting improvements to slums and have also
cleared a few of them, the progress made so far has been very meagre and it is
found that without adequate powers it has not been possible effectively to check the
increase in the growth of slums and also clear the slums which are unfit for human
habitation. A number of schemes for the improvement and clearance of slums are to
be quickly implemented with financial assistance given by the Government of India.
It has therefore become necessary to enact a law immediately to provide for the
improvement and clearance of slums in the State.
Hence this Bill.
(Published in the Karnataka Gazette Part IV – 2A (Extraordinary) No. 213 dated
Amending Act 21 of 1978.- The name of the State was changed from Mysore to
Karnataka with effect from 1-11-1973. By the Karnataka Adaptation of Laws Order,
1973, the word “Mysore” occurring in various enactments, rules and notifications,
then in force was substituted wherever necessary by the word “Karnataka”. In the
Acts specified in Schedule I introduced in the Legislature earlier to 1st November,
1973 but published thereafter the word “Mysore” continue to exist. Therefore it is
proposed to make the necessary consequential amendments to the said Acts also.
Hence this Bill.
(Published in the Karnataka Gazette Part IV – 2A (Extraordinary) No.1050 dated
14-7-1978 at page 5.)
Amending Act 19 of 1981.- New slums are coming up in the cities and it is
necessary to curb the tendency to put up new slums. This object is sought to be
achieved by prohibition of unauthorised construction of buildings, demolition of
buildings unlawfully commenced and by taking action against the middlemen who
encourage unlawful constructions.
It is also intended to ban trades, like trading in arrack or toddy or other intoxicants,
pawn broking and money lending near the slums.
Hence this Bill.
(Published in the Karnataka Gazette Part IV – 2A (Extraordinary) No. 94 dated 3-
2-1981 at page 6.)
Amending Act 34 of 1984.-The problem of encroachments on lands belonging to
Municipalities, Bangalore Development Authority, Improvement Boards and other
Local Bodies has assumed serious proportions. It is necessary to provide deterrent
punishment for such encroachments.

  1. Hence it is proposed to introduce a provision to make encroachment on lands
    belonging to the City Improvement , Trust Board, Mysore, Village Panchayats, Taluk
    Boards, Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporations, Improvement Boards and the
    Bangalore Development Authority an offence punishable with imprisonment for a
    term which may extend to three years and with fine which may extend to five
    thousand rupees. Further, it is also proposed that any person who had
    unauthorisedly occupied land belonging to any of the said bodies and who fails to
    vacate such land in pursuance of an order under Section 5(1) of the Karnataka
    Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Act 1974, shall on conviction
    be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and with
    fine which may extend to five thousand rupees, and with a further fine which may
    extend to Rs. 50 per acre of land or part thereof for every day on which the
    occupation continues after the date of first conviction. A person who intentionally
    aids or abets the commission of these offences shall also be liable to receive the
    same punishment. It is proposed to introduce this provision in the following statutes:
    (1) The City of Mysore Improvement Act, 1903.
    (2) Karnataka Village Panchayats and Local Boards Act, 1959
    (3) Karnataka Municipalities Act, 1964.
    (4) Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976.
    (5) Karnataka Improvement Boards Act, 1976
    (6) Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976.
  2. It is also proposed to extend the application of Chapter III A of the Karnataka
    Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act, 1974 to the whole State and to make
    the Tahsildar of the Taluk the licensing authority, where there is already no licensing
    Hence this Bill.
    (Published in the Karnataka Gazette (Extraordinary) Part IV – 2A No. 104 dated
    6-2-1984 at page 8.)
    ` Amending Act 26 of 1986.- The State Government is experiencing a lot of
    difficulty in getting the vacant lands in Urban Areas of the State for the
    implementation of Environmental Improvement of Urban Slums under the provisions

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