Emoluments, Existing Law Relating to a Hereditary Village Office, Hereditary
Village Office, Holder of a Hereditary Village Office

Preamble.- WHEREAS it is expedient in the public interest to abolish hereditary
village offices and the emoluments appertaining thereto in the State of Kerala;
BE it enacted in the Twelfth Year of the Republic of India as follows:-
1. Short title and extent.- (1) This Act may be called the Kerala Hereditary
Village Offices (Abolition) Act, 1961.
(2) It extends to the whole of the Malabar district referred to in sub-section
(2) of section 5 of the States Reorganisation Act, 1956 (Central Act 37 of 1956)
2. Definitions.- In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,- (a) “appointed date” means the first days of September, 1961;
(b) “emoluments” means money salaries and all other kinds of
remuneration granted or continued in respect of, or annexed to, any hereditary village
(c) “existing law relating to a hereditary village office” includes any
enactment, rule, bye-law, regulation, order, notification, standing order or any other
instrument or custom, usage or practice relating to a hereditary village office, which is in
force immediately before the appointed date;
(d) “hereditary village office” means a village office to which emoluments
have been attached and which is held under any existing law relating to a hereditary
village office, for the performance of duties connected with the administration or
collection of the revenue or with the maintenance of order or with the settlement of
boundaries or other matter of civil administration of a village, whether the services
originally appertaining to the office continue, or have ceased, to be performed or
demanded, and by whatsoever designation the office may be locally known;
(e) “holder of a hereditary village office” means a person holding a
hereditary village office permanently or officiating in a permanent vacancy after a
selection in accordance with the procedure in force immediately before the appointed
(f) “prescribed” means prescribed by rules made under this Act.
3. Abolition of hereditary village offices together with incidents thereof.-
Notwithstanding anything in any existing law relating to hereditary village offices or in
any decree or order of court, with effect on and from the appointed date,-
(1) all hereditary village offices shall be, and are hereby, abolished;

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