Civil Court, Estate, Extent of Interest, Local Division, Manager, Mauza,
Proprietor, Recorded Proprietor, Revenue Free Property, The Collector, The

AII Acr to provide lor rhe regisrration of revenue-pqillg and revenrre-
jree lurrds, arid uJ tlie proprietors attd managers ;hereof:
WHEREASitis expedient to make berter provision for hepreparation ~rramble.
and mainrenancc or registers of rcvcnue-paying and rcvenue-free lands,
and of the proprielors and managers rhcreof, and of cenain mortgages .
of revenue-paying lands;
It is hcreby enacted as follows:-

  1. This ACLmay be called the Land Regislralion Acl, 1876. Shortliflc.
    [Cottmrencenrer~r].-Rep. by s.4 and the Third Schedrrle of ;lie Attretrding
    Act, 1903 (Iof 1903).
  2. [Regulatiotrs repealed].-Rep. by s. 4 ond rite Third Sclreduie
    of the Antellding Act, 1903 (1of 1903).
    ‘Lcgislalivc Papers.-For Repon of Scl~rCornmiurn, ~reLIECnlcurra Gozefre or
  3. PI. IV, pgc57; and for ProceedingsinCouncil,sce ilrid, Supplement, 1875, page 11;
    ibid, Supplement, pages 42, 135, 515 nnd 829.
    knlExtenL-4inw this Act contnins no hill txrent clause. i[must bc lakento have
    hpninrpnrl~rlin prrpnrl rn ~hruuhnlr nTrhr fn-r Rn.r;-r.r nF Rmnn-1The ht~dRegisrrarioti Acr, 1876.
    men. Act VZI
    Inicrpw~a- 3. In this Act, unless thcre be something repugnanr in [he subject context,-
    (I) “Civil court” means any Civil Court which is competent
    lo hcar and dctcrrnine ~hcmatier with respcct to which the
    words are used;
    (2) “cs~ate”includes-
    (a) any land subject 10 thc payment of land-revenue,eithcr
    irnrncdia~elyor prospecrivcly,for rhe discharge of which
    a separale engagcment has been enrercd into wirh ‘[lhe
    (b) any land which is entered on thc revenue-roll as
    scparaiely assessed with land-rcvenue (whether rhc
    amount of such assessment be payable immediately or
    prospec~ively),although no engagcmenr has been
    cnlered into wirh ‘[the Governmcn(] for ~hcarnounl
    of revenue so separarely assessed upon it as a whole;
    (c) any Imd being the propcny of ‘[he Government] of
    which the Board shall have directed the stparale envy
    on the gcnenl registcr hereinallcr menboncd ‘lor on
    any other register prescribed for rhc purpose by rule
    made under his Act];
    (3) “cxtenlorjaterest” means Ihe sharc or interest in an estatc
    or rcvenue-frce propeny oof which the person wilh respect
    to whom the words are used is in posstssiao as proprietor
    or manager;
    (4) “localdivision”means a subdivision,purgarra,d~o~ra, police
    division orjurisdiction, or oherdivisionaccording ro which

he tllauzolvar rcgister of Ihc distric~is arranged;

‘Thewords “rhe~rown”~lirsrsubsliraed1orthewordovernmcn~”~~m. 3 and
Sch. IV orrhc Covcm~ncntor lndi~(Adaptnrion of Indim bws) Ordcr, 1931. ~eredlcr,
thc word “Govcmment” wm substituled lor hcword “Crown”by pm,4(1) oftheAdapm-
lion of ~H’SOrder. 1950.
‘These words were added iior Western Btngf, byIhc Bcogal LandRegismdon (Amcnd-
rnent) Act, 1906 (Bcn. Act 11 of 1906). s. ?(I]. and, Tor Ensrtrn Bengal, by the
htcmBcngd md Assm LYrd Regislrnlion (Amcndmcnr) Act. 1907 e.B. nnd A.
Act 1 of 1907). s. 2(1). The former Act has been rcpealed by hcBengal bwsACI,
1914 (Ben. Act I of 1914). s. 6. Sch.LV md the lattcr Act has hen exttndcd to
Warern BengoJ by lhc same Acr, s. 4. Sch. U.
‘Clause (4) was ornined by pam. 3 and Sch. IV of the Govcrnmcnt of India
(Adaptaiion aiIndian Lws)Order, 1937.Tlre htrdRegistratior~Act, 1876.
(Part I.-Preliarirraq!-Secriutr 3,)
(6) “Manager” means every person who is appointed by thc
Collector, the Coun of Wards or by any Civil or Criminal
Coun to rnanagc any csralc or rcvcnuc-rrcc propcrly or any
part thcreof, and cvcry person who is in chargc of an cstatc
or revenue-fee propcrty or any par1 thercof on behalf of
a minor, idiol or luanric, or on behalf of a religious or
charitable foundauon ‘[or as a uustee or execulor];
?(7) “rtralrza” means the area defined, surveyed and recorded as
a distinct and separate rriatoa in-
(a) the general land-revenue survey which has been made
of [hc JISlaw] ‘* or
(b) any survey made 5[by any Government] which may be
adopled 6[by rhe State Governmenl] by norifrcation in
Ihc ‘[OIJicinlGazette],as dcfining rrrulrzas for thc
purposes of this clausc in any specified area:
and, where a survey has not been s[so made or adopled by
the Stale Government], such area as the ColIector may,
with hc sanctian of hc Board of Rcvcnuc, by gcncrd
or special order, dcclarc to constilure a nrarrza;

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