Securing the Land Revenue of Madras, Un assessed Land, Lakhiraj Tenures,
Priority of Government claim over Land Revenue

1MQ : Cen. Act X] Revenue Ommissioner 99
1851 : Cen. Act XII] City Land-revenue

  1. The oorre8pondence and other documents belong- ~
    ing to any such commission shall be deposited on the
    determination thereof, in the office of the Board of
    Revenue, and shall be deemed records of the mid
    Board. ACT No. XI1 OF 1851′.
    [14th November 1851 .]
    An Act for securing the Land-revenue of Maw.
    WHEREAS it is expedient that the land-revenue pmamble,
    aocruing due to 2[the Government] 3[within the local
    limits of the ordinary original civil jurisdiotion of the
    High Court of Judioature at Madras], should be asoertained and collected in as summary a manner as
    in other parts of the territories under the Government
    ] ; It is enacted as follows :-
  2. All assessable lands not the property of S[within the local limits of the ordinary assessed
    lands in lThe short title was given by the Repealing and Amending Act Madras
    1901 (Central Aot XI of 1901). Tom. 9 According to the direction in the Adaptation Order of 1937,
    the words ” East India Company” should be changed into dr the Crown ” and consequently the expression ” the East India
    Company ift the Act ahould read as ‘(the Crown”. The super. fluoua 6’ the in the expression ” the the Crown ” was omitted with effect from the 1st April 1937 by section 3 (2) of, and the Seoond Sohedule to, the Tamil Nadu Repealing and Amending Aot, 1951 (?:mil Nedu Act XIV of 1951). The words ” the Qovern~ent were substituted for the words ” the Crown at
    Madras by section 3 of, and the Second Schedule to, the Tamil
    Nadu Repealing and Amending Act, 1965 (Tamil Nadu Act
    XXXVI of 1966).8 These words were substituted for the words ” within the
    limits of the Town of Ma!;as as defined in s. 12, Regulation 11 of
    1802 of the Madras Code by the Amending Act, 1891 (Cenfral
    Aot XII of 1891). 4 The WOT& of the Crown ” were omitted by seotion 3 of,
    end the Second Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu Repealing and
    Amending Act, 1956 (Temil Nadu Aot XXXVI of 1966).
    6 The words (‘ the pwn ” were substituted for the mrda
    ‘6 &at India Company by the Adaptation Order of l9a&end
    the word ” Government ” warr substituted for ” Crown by tb Admpbbion Order of 1960-md also footnote 2 above.

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