Drilling Operations, Government Company, Land and its Resources, Minerals,
Mining Lease, Mining Operations, Minor Minerals, Motor Conveyance, Oil
Field, Petroleum, Prospecting Licence, Prospecting Operations, Minerals,

to provide, in the public interest,for the ownership and
trimfer of land and its resources in the Statc of Nagalai~rl,
for r he imposition of tax on mineral righ is, for the further
amendment of law relating to acquisition of land and it.
resources in Nagaland, and fur rnattsrs conrlected there-
with or incidental thereto.
WHEREAS by virtue of the provisions of Clause (1) (a)
(iv) of Article 371-A of the constitution, nu ACIof
Parliament in respect of the ownership and transfer of !
land and its resourcesshall apply to the State of Nagaland
uniess the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland, by a resolu-
tion, sq decides
AND WHEREAS no snch resolution has been passed by
the Leg~qIititiveAssernbls of Nagaland
AND WHEREAS in the absence of’any such resolutin,
it has become necessary for the Legislative ~ssernhl~of’ ‘
Nagalad to regulate by law, the ownership and transfer
of land.iind,its resonrces ip the State of Nagaland,
IT IS, THEREFORE,enac&dby theLegislative Assembly
of the State of NagaIand in .the Forty-first Year of the
Republic of India as follows :

  1. (2) This Act may be called the Nagaland (Ownership
    and Transfer of Land and its Resources) Act,
    (2) It extends to the whole of the state of Nagaland.
    (3) Sections 4, 10, 11, 16, 20, 64 72, to 76, (both
    inclusive) and 87 shall come into force on the
    appointed day and the remaining provisions of
    this Act shall be deemed always to have come
    into force on the 1st day of December, 1963 that
    is to say, the date on which the ~onstitution
    (Thirteenth Arneadment) Act, 1963 came into
  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,
    (a) “appointed day” in relation to any provision of
    this Act, means such day as the State Government,
    by notification published in the Official Gazette,
    appoint in relation to that provision, and different 1
    dates may be appointed for different provisions
    of this Act, and any reference in any provision
    of this Act to the appointed day shall be construed
    as a reference to the commencement of that
    (b) “drilling operations” means any operations,
    whether by drillingpr otherwise, for the purpose
    of locating or proving oil-field or other saurces
    ofmineral deposits;
    (c) “Government company” means any company in
    which not less then fifty-onepercent of the paid-up
    share capital is held by the Central Government I
    or Any State Government or Governments or I
    partly by the Central Government and partly byone or more State Governments and indudes a
    company which is a subsidiary of a Government
    company as so defined;

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