Assembly, Village Council Village Development Scheme, Customary Law,
Administration of Justice

To consolidate aod amend thc law relating to wwtitution of
Viliage and Arca Councils in NagaIand and fo regulate their
duties and functions and fo~mattcrs wnnected thcrcwitb.
It is hercby cnacted in tbe hventy-ninth yar of the Rcpublic of
lndia as foliows :
Short Title, extent and colnmencement

  1. (1) Thin Act may be cded the Nagatnd Village and Area
    Councils Act, 1978.
    (2) It meads fa whole of Nagaland.
    (3) It shall comc into force on such date as thc Slatc
    Gove,rnmcntmay by nu~ificationin tbe Gazette, appoint,
    and diferent dates may ba appointed For different
    provisions of this Act.
  2. (a) In this Act unlcss tbc wntext athewise rquires “ap-
    prupriare authority” or “competent authority” means
    an authority having administrative jurisdiction with
    whatever designation called and notified by Government
    from time to rirnc.
    (b) “Assembly” means the Nagaland LRgislative Assembly,
    (c) “Gazette” or “the Gazette” means Nagaland Gazettc.
    (d) “prescribed” mcans prescribed by rules and made under
    this Act,
    (e) “State Gov~rnmen~”meanstheG~vc~nment of Nagdand.Chapter I
  3. Constitutions : Every recognised Village shaU have a Village
    Vfflage mcans and includcs an area recognised as a Village as
    such by thc GaVcrment of Nagaland. An area in order to bc a
    Village under tbjs act shall fulf~dthe following conditions namely :
    (a) Thc land in the area belong to the population of that
    area or given to &ern by tbs Government of Nagaland,
    if the land in question is a Government land or is land
    given to them by the lawful owner of the land; and
    (b) The Villagc is established according to !he usage and
    customary practice of the popularion of the area.
  4. A Village Council shall consist of members,chosen by villagers
    in accordance with the prevailing customary practices and
    usagcs, thc same being approved by thc State Government,
    provided that hereditary viIJage Chicfs GBs and Angs shall
    becx- offrcio members of such Council and shall have voting
    Qualificstion for members
  5. A person shall not be qualified to be chosen as a mcmber
    of the Village Council unless he :-
    (a) is a citizen of India, and
    (b) has attained the age 25 years.
  6. (a) EveqVIUageColinci~unlessotherwisedissolvedbythe
    State Government,shall continue for livc years from the
    date of appointment, provided hat the said period may
    bc cxtcnded by thc State Government by a notification
    in the Gazette for a period not exmcdig one year at
    a time.
    (b) AU members sball hold oficc during Lhe life of the
    Provided that a mcmber chosen to ill iin a Casual vacancy sball
    hold office for the remainder of the term of office of the member
    whom he replaced ;

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