Civil Court, District, High Court, Judicial Officer, Service

Bsil enacted by tbs Legislature ol ihe State of Orisra in the Thirty-firth
Year of the Republic of India, ‘as rollo\vs :-

extent and
(2) It extends, t,o the whole of the State ofOrissa.
+(3). It shail comq.into Sorce on such daie as the Slatc Govcrrlmcnt may, by

notification, appoint IU this behalJ.
C]of ~2. (1) Thcrc shalI be rhe following classcs 01′ Civil Courts under this Act,
adCourl~.qmeIy ,f:,
(a) The court of the Distriof Judge which shall include the Court of the
Additional District Judge;
(b)The court of the Subordinate Judge which shall include the court of the
Addii,ionaI Subordinate Jlj.dge; a,nd
(c) The wurt of the munsif which shall include thc court of the Additional
‘ Munsif.
(2) Thc court of the District Judgc shal1 bc the principal court of- original
civil jurisdiction in the distrrct.
shall not include an Additional District Judgc.
ExpIanatio~r:-For the purposc of this su6-section .ihc cxpression “Djstrict Judgo’ .

  1. The State Gove~cnt may, from :imc to the: on the rccommc~idationof
    g~gO’ the High CQ?~, det-enginethc numbcr of courts of Dirrrict Judges, Addi tioad Disldct
    Judges, Subordinate Jugdes, Additional Subordinatc Judgcs, Munsifs and Additional
    In 4. (1) Whenevcr the oficc of the District Judgc o; of ihc Subordinate Judge is
    Judges and
    offices vacant by rcason of death, ~esignationorrernlwal of the Judge, o? due to any
    of Districl reason, or whenever an increase in the number of courts ofDistr~clor Subordinate
    with be High Courr and in the casc oi a Subordinn~eludgc, by t hc High Court.
    (2) The Hjgh ‘Court may appoint a District Judgc: or a Subordinate Judgc to
    discharge, for such period as it thinks fit, in addition to the functions devoIving on
    Ihas such Districl Judge or Subordinatc Judge, all or any of the functions of
    another District Judge or Subordinate Judgc, as thc casc may be.
    Judges has been-made li=der the provisions of Scction3, the vancacy my’be 51Ied
    S~bordio’k up by appointment, in the case of a District Judgc, b) the Govcrtror in consuItai’iok
    ., –
  2. (11 Whenever the business,pending before any District Judgc requircsthc aid
    A~f~~al al.Addi~ionalJudgei fdr its rpegdy dirposul, the Govcrnoi may, afler cansul~joo
    with t hc High Court, appoint such number of Addi~ionaIJudgesas m~ybe necessary.
    (2)Thc Additional Judges so appointed shall, subjccl to ihc gencral or special
    order of thc High Court, discharge d or any of thc hnclions of the District
    Judge as are assigned to them cither undcr this Act or under any other law for
    the timc king jn force aad*~ndischarge of such functions thcy shalI exercise :thelsac
    powers as a Djs~rict, Judge.
  3. For Slatcmeol or obj&tb and muons scc Orissn Guzcllra Ewuaordinary, dared the
    $01March ,, . 195 (No. 295)

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