Apex Society, Central Co-Operative Bank, Central Society, Co-Operative Bank,
Co-Operative Farming Society, Financing Bank, Society with Limited Liability,
Society with Unlimited Liability, State Co-Operative Union

I. Short titIe, extent and commencement

  1. Registrar
  2. Societies which may be registered
    5, Registration with limited or unlimited liability
  3. Applic~ationfor reg&ration of co-operative nociatie,
    8., Registration certi6catd
    9.Co-operative societies to be bodies corporala
  4. Change of namo of a society
  5. Change of liabilitj
  6. A~endm~nisf bye-laws of a society
  7. When arczndments of bye-laws comc into form
  8. Amalgamation, transfer. of assets and liabilities and division of sociatlms
    :j. Gn~!intir;nof registration ccdificates of societies in certain cam-,
  9. Persons who may become members
  10. AEliation to the Starc Co-operative Union .
    IS. Nominal or associalc rncrnbcrs
  11. Mcmber not to exercise rights till due payment mads
  12. Vote of members
  13. M~oncrof exercising vote
  14. Restriction of hoIding Jof shares –
  15. Restrictions on transfcr of shares, or inLerest
  16. Traasfcr of interest on death of mzmber
  17. Liability of past member and estate of deceased member
  18. Reslriction on transrer of possession of and jntcrest in land held under the society
  19. Final authority in a society
  20. Society to have a Committee
    28-A. Election of members of Committee ‘
  21. Annual general meting
  22. SpcciaI general meeting
  23. Nominees of the Goirerumeat on the committee of a society
  24. Supersession of committee and power to disqualify officersof the socim
  25. Securing possession of records, ctc.
    33-A. Qualification, etc., of employees or aociebies
  26. First charge of society on certain assets
  27. Deduction of dues of society from salaries of members
    35-A. Deduction of dues of a Society of a reciprwating State
  28. Charge and set-05in respect ot’ shares or interest of member in .ha capirel
    of a Swiety.SBCTIONS
  29. Shares or interest not liable to attachment
  30. Excmption from ccrlain taxes, recs and rlulies
  31. Exemption from compulsory rcgistralion or instruments.

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