Endowment Fund, Hereditary Trustee, Listed Institution, Math, Non-
Hereditary Trustee, Religious Endowment, Religious Institution, Specific

BE.,it.enacted by the ‘ Legislature of the State of ~dssain the

Twentieth yea~rbfthe Republic of India, as follows:-
. . .<I. .J
.. . ,
, CHAPTER I . ..
;,. I,’ …
. r. .
< 11 ,!’ :7!! -,*, , – – ,
Religious Ebdowmehts Act, 1969.’
cation extent and appli-
1.(1) his.4,ct may be.called the Orissa Hindu shnt titic
: , ..i,-;(2 j hkhali eiiend to the whole of, the State ofment.
Orissa and shaIl apply to all Hindu public religious
institutions and endowments’otherthan the institutions
.;:add:lndowmdnts govefied 6y Shri Jagannath Temple
::. I’.,.~


institutions and endowmkrits” shall , be construed
accordingly: – ‘
. I. .. .
‘- :&all iiicludekin, B.umddMstand Sikh religions and
:, the expre,ssions,.”~indu”,,and-“Hindu public religious
~1~;1&~4:,Act; 1955. .. . :

., .) . .

~x~lonalio~z i-~he expression “Hindu religion”

  • .,
    governed liy’lhri Jagahath Temple Act, 1955″ shall
    , recorded. in the naqe ,of Lord
    ..I .: Jaewa;th,whichare held’by.apy , . math or other reli-
    :giey6,,:ins$tutions. :
    ? .. .. :, (3) ,It.shallcome into force on such date as the
    !” ‘Stat<. Government may, by notidc’ation, appoint ia .. ?a :.. ~x~lanutionIIqhe exprbssion “endowments ; -:;] – ‘. ‘: , – . ‘. . . id % ., 493 4 -, t: .! . . r statement of and Rea~o’rls,See ij’iiisn Gacfls Bxuaordinaty, lti191h March, 1969 (651) aidfor Select Committee Report See 01i~sd — I;-?! ddfttcc,@q~ZSth Sdptember, .. 1969 (1502). ‘.:’>tha,t:,b ,?2 L~~IH#, %!mofd!+rY, p[ ;:T;LL$.y>-;;
    , , Power to
    extend Act
    to public
    and endow-
  1. ‘The State Government may, by no&cat’ion
    extend to any public endowment of a charitable and
    religious institution all or any of the provisions of this
    Act and the rules made -thereunder, and may declare
    such extension to be subject to such restrictions and
    -modificationsas they thi& fit.:
    ;P.rovjded that before ‘issuing-‘s~haot$fi&n, the
    State Government shall, publish in the Gazette a
    natik sf their intentifl ta do ,s’Q,lfiX :ap&hd.&
    ~ehg(lessahan two rnanxfs&m
    ;date r6f publica-
    tion of the notice for persons interested in the institu-
    -tim:miI.endowmentmco.h-Cerneda:show cause aghrft
    the issue*f such notiBcafion andrconsidm :theirlow
    ions, if any.
  2. In this Act unless the context otherwise
    requires ..-
    (a)”Administrator “means the Administrator
    appointed iliiler–secctidnIS; (b) ” Board ” means the . Oxissa Hindu Religious ‘Endnwmnt Baard +-&’tablished ., , uddtt se~tioh.4;. @> -6&lfe&-or” irndudm anyimp ,- awor
    who is specially empowes -w btb
    State Government4~-discharge any of thii
    functio~~of afCbll&tor ,; q-Dqputy
    wdor$0 ~ifim–i&e Cahk-bf’ ,~&by

generil ar . sp-&ial Gider, -tfii&i of

his-‘futictibn’s lin&ekAthiskct ;
,(a Committee ” means -an Area Committee

, XP)'” YpdawmenY Fna ” 4ne-ms !the %sa
in force ;
cstablihtd under-seciiod3;
‘Hindu R&$o rn%downie~s&8wiram
tion Fund established ~fidak-%&ioiji67 .-;
a:)”‘~ereait&:~r~itee”deam ‘the .ttustce of
a reigious institu-iionSi1~8’si;idiitii *hose
office devolves by heredita-fg is@? air by
by, ,the trustee for the time
;bdngjn;offi&,oris :p&gul&tea-h&st;o~or
is.spe~i$da:lIypovidd.:fmrby %he~~iler,
so long as such scheme of succession is.

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