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WlE 0- MUNICIPAL (Am- ACT, 1991
[Received the assent 01the Governor on Ihe 2Isr ~bary1992,jirst publkhed in m
atraordimy isslce ofthe Oriasa Ggzatte, dafed the 2Ist Jawy.1992]
BBit en- by Lhs Legislature oltheState of’Odsra in tho Forty-second
Year of tho Republic of India as follows :-
Short IWO 1. (I) This Act may k called the Orinsa Maoicipat (Amendment) Act. 1991.
merit. –
(2) It shall be deemed to have come into force on the 22nd day of November,
-bnt 2. Insection 4 of the Orispa Municipal Act,-1950 (bereinafter referred to as the Orissa Acr,
principal Act], in clause (a) of subsection (I), for the words ”ten thousand”, the 23 of 1450.
words “~W~~~Y-SVB rhousand” shall be substituted.
Amendmnt 3. .Insection 8 of the principal Act, ill sub-section (11, for the words “not being
of morc than thirty”, the words “not being more than.fortyVshall be substituted.
namely :-
candidates contesting suchelection ehaIl me their reapective party nymbols. .
”Provided themhere suchdection i~ conlcsted on politiml party basis, the

  1. TO scction 10 of -the p~incipdAct, the fal10,wing proviso shalI bc added,
    Explanation-Pot the pcrpow of this scciiog-
    (a) “candidates” mean8 mndidates duly sponso~ad’by respective politjc:11
    (8) ”paty symbol” means the symbol ‘aUotted to a parlicular political party
    mdar the Elections Symbols (Resavation,’and.Allobnent) Order, 1968; aod
    (c) “political party” means a ‘Nario~alParty’ or, as the’ case mybe, a
    ‘State Partj’ within the mcaflin3 of paragraph ? ofthe Order rcfcrred to
    in clause (b).”.
    *Potthe Bill. see 0rc1~1~ozfte,mtmordimb,dated the 16th Decernbcr I591 (No. 1512)~msndment 5. For section 11 of tho principal Act, the following section shall be- subsdtuted,
    of namely:-
    “11. (13-Therc shall be reserved, by the State Government, seats in every
    Municipal Council for the SchcduIed Tribes and the Scheduled Castes and the,,
    number ofseats to be so reser~edshaIl bear, as nearlv as may be. the same propor-
    tiou to tb~otalnumber of seats to be filled up by election in- that Council as the’
    population of the Scheduled Trihs and the Scheduled Castes in the Municipal Area
    bears to the total population of that area :
    Provided that where the population ofthe Scheduled Tribes or, as the case may
    be, tbe Scbeduled Castes ia a Municipal Area is not suficient for reservation nf any
    seat. onc seat shall h-reservedeither for the Schednttd Tribes or for thc Scbeduled
    Castes, wllose population is higher in the area.
    ‘(2) The seat or seats reseved under sub-section {I) shall be assigned to the ward
    or wards, as lhe case may be, 1n order ofthe numerial strength of the population in
    different wards oftbe members of Scheduled Tribes or the Scheduled Castes, as the
    ease may be,for whom such resomation has been made.
    (3) (i)Where the number of seats reserved-under sub-section (1) is more than
    one, as nearly as may be, one-third of the total number of such seats shall be reserved
    forthe women belonging to the Scheduled Tribes or the Scbeduled Castes or both,
    as the case may be, in order of their numerical strength in different wards :
    Provided that where only two seals are reserved for the ScheduIcd Tribe or the
    Schedulsd Casts-or for both, one of the two -.seats shall be reserved for women
    belonag to the Scheduled Tribes or, riu the case may be, tha Scheduled Castes in
    respect of the wwd in which the number of women belqngiag to such Tribor Casres
    as the case may be, is higher.
    (ii) Where-a particular ward qualifies foi~reservatton’fbr women belongiug to tb
    ScheduledTribes or the Scheduled Cutes under clausrl (i) ,andno such candidate
    comes forward to contest the eIection, the Sate Government shall-nominate a woman
    belonging to the Scheduled Tribes or as tbe case may be, the Scheduled Castes of
    that ward, for whom such reservation has been made;as the Councillor for that
    larcrti~of 6.InChapter II of the principal Act, alter &on If, the following section shall
    of ash for under section 11 for womcn belonging to the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes)
    ofthe total number of seats to be 6Ued up by .election in every Municipal Council
    shall be reserved for women.
    (2)The seats reserved under ~ub-sdon(1) shall be assigned ts the wards, other
    than th&e reserved under =tion 11, in order of tbe numericnl strength of the
    population of womcn in different wards.
    (3) Where no women mndidete wmes forward to contest the elation in
    relation to any paificular ward mewed for women, the State Government shall
    nomin’ata swoman belonging to IblWdas the Councillor for the ward.”.
    new tectlon be i~serted,namely :-
    11-A.(1)As nearly as may be, one-third (includink the number of seats reserved
    A mtndment
    following clawt shaU be inserbd, namdg :-
  2. rn section 12 d the principai Aot, in ciause (b) of subsection (23, for the
    mica 16.
    word and figtrm dmsection11″, the words, -S
    12, shaN be 8mlhkd.

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