Emolument, Grama Sasan, Jagir Lands, Village Police

BEit enacted by thc Legislature of the State of
Orissa in the Fifteenth Year of the Republic of India,
as folIows :-
cxtcnt and

  1. (I)This Act may be called the Orissa Ofices Shorlrirlc.
    of Village Police (Abolition) Act, 1964.
    (2) It shall extend to the whole of the State of mcnt.
    (3) It shall come into force at once
  2. 3n this Act unless the context 0ther~viseDclinition
    (a) “appointed date” in relation to any Village
    Police means such date as the Stdte
    Government may appoint ‘in that behalf
    and different dates may be so appointed
    in respect of difierent Village Police in
    d,ifferentareas ;
  3. For SlaIemcnt oiObjvcb and Reasons scc Or;ssn Gn:crrc, Extra-
    ordinary, daled ~hc251h Fcbruary 1964 (No.352).
  4. Came into lorcc \V. C. f-
    (i)Tbo3st April 1965 in rospecl’ of all Village Policc in thc (a)
    Nayngarh subdivision inthc dislricl or Puri, (1)) Nilgiri subdivision
    in 1hedistrict of Halasorc, (c) At hgarh subdivision in lhc district
    or Cullack.vidc nolitication No..2472-P.. datcd ihc 24th January
    1965, published in 1hc Orirsa Garetfe,darcd thc 12th Fcbruary
    {jl)-Thc:IstMay 1965 in rcspect orall Village Police in thc district of
    Kalahandi, vidc nutifiation NU,4175-P.,dalcd-rbc 17th Fcbruary
    1965, published in thc Orissl~G[izcftlle, daicd 111c 261h February
    1~5,PI. nr, P.132 ;
    I965,Pr. ILI, P. 218 ;
    (Ili) Thc I st July 1865 in rcspccl or all Village Police in villngcs, namely:
    Aranga, Niladriprasad, Nirapalli and T~rndalii in Banpur Tahasil
    undcr Kliurda subdivision in Lhc dislrict of Puri, vide notification
    No. 17265.P.,dalcd thc 19th Junc 1965, publislicd in lhe Otisra
    Cowlfe, datcd tlic 2nd July 1965, P- 741 ;
    (iv) The 1st Dcccrnbcr 1965 in rcspci of all villogt Police in the arco
    Khondnial subdivision in Ihc dislrict or phulbani,vidc nolifim-
    tion No. ?755ap.-p2~-19/64,datcd I~IC 5111 ~ovcmbpr1965,
    publisl~cd10 111c Urissn Gn:rrrc, da ~cdtl~c12th Novcrnbcr 1965,
    Pt. IE, P. 1199.THEORISSAOFFICESor: \TILLAGE [Or. Act 3
    (6) “Colle~l(.” iricludcs ni-iy ofliccr 11ot being helow the !ank or an Additionnl Disirict Magislrntc appoinicd by the Stalc Govzrn- merit lo pe~rornl all or any of the ful~cljonsof s Collectol. under this Act ; (c) “emolumcn t” in relnlinn to any Villago Police Oficc-I. meails salary, payment in caslz or in kind or in both, commission, use or enjoyment of lands Ileld and a11 kinds of privileges and benefits in respect of or ancexed to such office in lieu of remuneration for the performance of the duty appertaining thereto ; (d) ”Grarna Sasan” means [he Grama ‘ Sasan 15 or 1964 Orissa Graina Panchayots Act, 1938 ; ‘ co~lstittcd1111der ale provisions of the .,,
    (e) “Jaagir lands” ir? relatioil to any oace of
    ViIlagc Police means lands by atever
    narne described or locally known, whetl~er
    or not recorded as such in thc settIenlent
    papers, held as emolument in respect of
    such office ;
    (fl”prescribed” meam prescribed by rules
    made by the Stat? Government under this
    Act ;
    cmccs or
    (g) “Village Police” means a Chaukidar, Maha-
    nayak, Dafadac, J hankar or KaIounder any
    system ofViltage PoIice administration and
    includes all ViIIage Police Officers of such
    designation as the State Government may,
    from time to time notify.
  5. (1) Nalwithstanding anything in any other law
    to have becn abolislled ;
    ~illagc~oliccor in any rule, order, custom, usage or practice having
    the force of law or in any contract, sa~~ador grant or
    in any juclgmcnt, decree or order of n Court, with
    effect from and on lhc appointed daie-
    (a) all offices of Viilage Police shalI be deemed
    .I((b) the rights ofthe nslld~rsof the said omces
    to receive any emolument sl~allbe deemed
    to have been terminated ;
    (c) all rights to hold officcand any Iiability to
    render service appertaining to such office
    shaII stand extinguished ;
    a11 ri~hts,privileges and obligations of any
    person holding the ofice of a ViIIage
    Police in respect of the exercise, perfor-
    mance or discharge of a1l powers, func-
    tions and duties of any kind whatsoever
    attached to such office or in relation
    thereto shall stand extinguished ; and
    (e)all Jagir lands shall stand resumed and
    vested absoluteIy in the State Government
    freu from all encumhrances:
    provided that any person being a Jhankar or
    Kaio who, in accordance wit11 any local law, custom,
    usape or practice, was irnmedately before thc appoint-
    ed -date discharging dutics of n Villaga Priest
    attached to the office of such Jhanknr 01. Kale, shall
    continue to hold fifty pcrn cel~tunlof the Jagir lands,
    if any, Tor so long as he continues to discharge the
    said duties.

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