Recruitment Rules, Service

BEit enacted by the Legislature of Ihe State of Orissa in the Fifty-third .
Year of the Republicof India as follows :-
Shon litle. 1. This Act may be called the Orissa Service of Engineers (Validation of .
Appointment) Act, 2002.
Dafinilions. 2. In this Act unless tha context otherwise requires,-
(a) “Government”means Government of Orissa ;
(6) “Recruitment .Ruleswmeans the Orissa Service of Engineers’
‘ Rules, 1941 ;
(cJ “Service” means the 0rissa Service of Engineers ; and
(d) “Year” means the CalendarYear.
Validalion. 3. (1) Notrvithstandinganylhingwnlained in the Recruilment Rules,seven
hundred ninety-nine Assistant Engineers belonging to the discipjine of Civil,
fifty-sevenAssistant Engineers belonging to the discipline of Mechanical and
henty-five Assistant Engineers belonging to the discipline of Electrical as
specified in the Schedule with their names, dates of birth, dates of
appointmentand the nameof the Departmentsunder which they are working
on ad hoc basis since the date of such appointment shall be deemed to be
validly and regularly appointed under their respective Deparfrnent of Ihe
Government against the direct recruitment’quota of the service with effect
from the date of commencement of this Act and, accordingly,no such’appoint-
ment shall be challenged in any court oflaw merely on the ground that such
appointments were made otherwise than in accordance with-the procedure
laid down in the Recruitment Rules. .
(2) The inter se seniority of the Assistant Engineers whose
appointments are so validated shall be determined according to Iheir dales of
appointmenton ad hoc basis as menlioned in (heSchedule and lhey shall be
enblock junior to the Assistant Engineers of that year appointed to the service
in the respective discipline in their cadre in accordance with the provisions of
the Recruitment Rules.
(3) The services rendered by the Assistant Engineers whose
. appoinlments are so validaied, prior to the commencement of this Acl shall,
subject to the provisions in sub-section (2),.count for-thepurposes of their
pension. leave and increment and for no other purpose.

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