Owner, Parambi-Kulam-Aliyer Project

WHEREAS thc Government have iss~edorders in G.C.Ms.NO. 126, Pi blic M01 1:;
Department, dated the 29, h day of Janua~y 1976 adding 1,15,000acres oj land I 6 tl:~
irrigation system covered by P~ri’nlbik~I: n-Al!: :I I.: c.jcc1 ;
AND WHEREAS two wsit petitions were guL in the High Cotrt, h!rrlrcs in I+’.YL.i'<< .
575178 and 1309178 against tho said o~derand tho Hill Court hes dirac;ec r l.:.t bcic-rr st ~.ply~r:~
water tothe new ayacutdar~in the exten&(. ayacut, tht original fnst assured oi
supply of suffioient water subject to availability oncc in eighteennlont hs, rs regubly as,pcssible
or practicable ;
AND WHEREASin view ot rh. iddiretotionot the nlpn ~kl,Ma( s&lbe1Govel n-
man1 have called for a udtailed report from ti e Chief- Enginci~ (Irrjgation) w & reported
tha! with the available water potential, wnt6.rkan be supplicdtothaoXtcndc6.area by dividiog the
antire ayaoutsinto four zones, bath zone getting wnter tor a perit t! ;.of 46 n:ontl:s to 6 n~oaths
once intwo years and therefore h2.s st ggestei. thr:t \;.tcl mcy bc s~~plicdro tl c ncw xyzculs of
i .75 lakhs aores of land lrom I hc projcct :
a w& –

  • % ,. \ zones as feasible;- t’ # AND WHEREAS the Governme1t la\e after caref~llvccr sic’.;, ing Il~erepclr c 1 tl~c Chief Engineer (1rrigation)andrftcr oblacirjngtkeopinicn ~f thecxpeit.~ir’t!,isnldte~,ifc crlecl : propose1 for rezoning llic rys?c~.ts covelci by P2.1rmhih 1: n:-Al: I PIc jt ct into fo~,~
    AND WHEREAS the Government, after ~ckinginto cc~nsidcl:.licn ~hcnii rck;! ‘
    fa~loss,have dccidcd to p-cvicleill igaiion fccililic s ur der Palambil,! 1; n -A!iy I Pi c ~CCIciivi(‘~ilg
    the whole area into fct 1 ZCII~CS, ploviC’.ingiiiig:.?icr t c zcr.~c I cc ill iwc ycaias :.gc-i~l;+a l;i
    existing tl ree zones irligdicn 10 zcr:c ~nccin 18 rgcn{hs,in vicw r i tllr’
    drought-pmr?:: na~r~rccfticziccend in vicwofthe infiast~uctr~~.l f~cilititsz,lli:c> L-:LY it
    in the said Projecl inct 1.1 ing ht gc cxpcnlil~IC ; ‘:
    Sl Ort title.
    and wm-
    BEit enacted by tE e Legislative Asscmblyof ti e ‘,tatc of’ T~milNc”.dv ill !LC a 6 .
    fourth Year of the Republic of India as fo1lcwi.s ;-
  1. (1) This Act may be called the Parambikt-lal-~liy:1 PIojcct (RC~LI; ‘ ic ‘
    Water-SLpply) Act, 1993.
    (2) It appliesto tl.e Coimbatore’ad Pcriya dist~ic1 s in 1lrc Stetc cf T:.niil ‘ ,
    ofsupply o!
    \ ater for
    Iroln I’alart,.
    Ill OJCCt.
    (3) It sl a 11come into force et oncc.
  2. Illthis Act, unlcssthe context otherwise JXquil cs,-
    (a) ‘Govilllmcnt’ mczns tlic S~zitcGc vc.1 luiit 111 :
    (b) ‘own~ei’ in relztion to zny 12.~6incllldcs rny ~C’C In 112vi1:~;LJ’ 2 I
    SL~c11 I:LIIC~;
    (c) ‘Parambi kulam-Aliyar Project’, inclicl.cs the P:iirmblkt krn N:~ILiurl I
    Uduma~petcanal and High level canal ir Palar Basin 2nd the Pol12cEi a:ni3I
    Vettaikasanpudur canal, Sethumadai cam1 and tl.e Aliyar Feedel canzl in tlx A.iiy;
    Basin and their distributaries;
    (dl ‘Schedule’ means the Scledulc appt’iidecl. to this Act.
  3. (1) Notwithstanding anything codained in any Ian for the time being in fc~I
    or in any~udgment,decree or order of any covrt,Tribun~lcr other authcrity r : r.n!
    custom, agreement or usage or any rule, notifimtion or order made or i sreci h~ t 1r:
    Government relating supply of water lo suchto inclusion of ayaccts or praXacrts s therecf intheendP~~zmbikt in fcrcc cnIirn-Aliyir the dr.te ofTicp~rblic j( t ci
    tion of this Act in the TamilNadu Government Gazette, the Governmcnt mry,aficl
    cons~lltingthe Chief Engineer (Irrig~.tion)or such other cf3cer or arthcrity i :thc~
    may consider neyssary, by notificrtion, regc 12-tc on sotrticnal basis in acc:~!:!:~c
    wit] +]:erules as may be prescribed, the supply of water for ~gri~vIlil:.lpi :it
    to a to!al extent of 3,77,152 acres of 1z.nC in the Param_bikulnm-Aliyr! PIi, .
    corn, cpc’ in the f’or91 zor es es specific&in the Schedt21c…. .’
    (a) the interest of the gene121 public ;
    (b)tke maximumpossible advantage which mayresult in agricdltt la1 produe
    tion in extending the supply of water to more lands ;
    (c) the advantage of bringing prospelit y !G 1he bcckwzid and drought-prone
    .areas by bringing Wem within the ayaccts ;
    sucl otber matters as may ,be presciibed.
  4. No court shallenttrrtain any suit or appligsrjcn $or 1 I;e isst r c: an) in.L nc i icr c 1. interim Sitits and
    orderrestrainingany proceeding whioh is being or about to be taken undrr sect10173 or therules
    made thereunder for regulatingthe supply of water, by the Government or by, any officer
    authorised under geotioa 5, in the Fatfambikulam-Aliyar Project.
  5. (1) 1he bovernment may, by notifioation, anthorise any offiaer not belon tke rhnk of Delegation of
    Chief Engineer (Irrigation) toexercjscthe power s 1o regulz~et LC~urplyof water for agrioultural
    purposes vested in them under seotion 3.
    (2) The emrcise of any power delegated under su b-secr ion (I)shali be subject to such
    restrictions ihdaonditions as may be speoified inthe notification and subject also to control
    and revision by the Governmen:.
  6. (1) Nt)-it, pro~ti~n orc;tber legal prGceediIIgf shall lie against any perr;cn foqanyJ
    (2) No”Guit or c.ther legal prclceedings shall lie against the Gc.velnn.e.entfcr any dmage
    caused c,r likely to be caused by anything which is in gcca faith done or intended to be done in
    ~ursu ance of this Act.
    thing whicb is in good faith done or intended to be done in purslrance cfthis Act.
    , Pretection of
    .action taka
    in good falt~.
    (b) All notifit;3trohsissued ..rider this Act shall,tnless thqare ex3>ressedKO come ~nto
    fc,rceon a particular day, ch;e illto fclrceon the date Gnwhich they are published.

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