General Council and State Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine, Member, Parishad,
President, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioners, Registrar, Vice-President

AIIAcr roprovidefor tlie rlcvclop~~renr of rlrc Apurvedic gsrerrr oJt11edici11e.
to rqrrlare rllc terrcl~ilzg mld prdcrice ~lrereojatld 10 deal 1vitl1ccr~uirr
ollirr COIIIICC~C~tr~a~ter.~.
11is hcrcby enactcd in lhe T\veli~hYcaroE~hcRepublic of Indin, by thc
Legislature or Wesr follows:-
shon title.
cxrent aid

  1. (1) ThisAclniay be callcd ~hcPxchimBnngnAyuwedic Systeni
    of Medicinc Acr, 196I.
    (2) It cxtcnds brhc whole ofWcst Bcngai.
    (3) It stiall come intolforcc on suchdateasthe Stalc Governmcnt may,
    by no~ifica~ionin the OfJiciulGozerte, appoint. –
  2. In this Act, unlcss tk conlexl olhcrwise requires,-
    (1) “Genenl Council and Smrc Facully OF Ayurvedic Medicinc,
    West Bcngal” means thc Gcncnl Council and Srate Faculty
    of Ayurvedic Medicinc, West Bcngal, eslablished by
    resolulion No.3 15 Medical, dated 2nd February, 1937 of [he
    Govcrnmenr ofBengnl as subsequenlly amended;
    (3) “Mcmber” means a member oF thc Parislrod;
    (3) “Parishnd’ means thc Pasuhim Banga Ayurved Parishad
    cons~itutcdunder sccrion 3:
    (4) “prcscrjbed mcans prescribed by rulcs;
    (5) “President” mcans hePresidcnr of the Parishad;
    (6) “Regisler”mcans the Rcgistcr of Ayurvcdic practitioners
    maintained undcr this Ac!;
    (7) “regisrercd Ayurvedic practitioner” means an Ayurvedic
    pnctitioncrregistered undcr the provisions of !his Act;
    ‘For Stalemznrof Objccrs and Rruons,see [he Cnlc~rruF~:errc,Errraorrlirrury. olthc
    17th Novc~nhcr,1960. Pan I. page 3018; (or pmccdings oflhc West Bcngd Ltgislarivc
    Assc~ubly,set thc procccdinp ofthe mecringsofthar Asscrnbly hcld on thc 3rd. l?nJ and
    ?3rd February, 1961 and thc ZSlh Marc11 1961; md I~r~hc pmcrdings orrhc WcsL Bcngal
    Legislarive Council;.rec the pmc’t:dings olthe melings orthnt Council held on the 22nd.
    23rd, 2Hlll.?Ythnnd30th Novc~ubcr,19GO.ths Island SthDcccrnbcr. 1960mdihc 3rd April.
    ThisAct cmcinlo IorceonIhz Ij( Junc,1962,ride notiCitation No. hied1J666Y6A-IY
  3. R.1, dated the 24th May, I%!. published in lhc CntcirnGrrzerIc. Ev~ruardi~rur); of .,.<- – , .*.-,The PusI~iln Rnrrgrr Aplrnlcdic Sysretr~of Medicirrr Acr. 1961.
    [West Bcn. Act
    (8) “Regisrrx”mCaflSthe Rcgistrar of the Parisf~ad;
    (9) “rcgu1a~ions”mcansregulations n~adcby the Purixhad undcr
    t his Act;
    (10) “rules” meansru tes made by thc SlateGovcmmenlundcr this
    ( 1 I) “Vicc-Presidcnr”nieans the Vice-Presidenl of the Purisliad.
  4. As soon as may be after lbc conmenccment of this Acl, Lhc Stale
    Govemmcnt shall, by nolification in thc OJJicialGazetre, establish a body
    curponre with pcrpelual succession and a common seal named [he
    Paschi~nBangn Ayurved Prtrishad. Thc Prtlmis:mdsl~allhe entitlcd lo
    acquire and hold movable and immovable propefly, lo transfer such
    properly, Lo conlracl and lo do;illthings ncccsyaryfor the purposcs ofthis
    AcL and SIIDII by ils name sue and tie sued.
  5. Upon the cons~ilu~ionorthc Pnr-ishocl-
    ( I) thc General Counciland StateFacultyofAyurvcdicMcdicine,
    Wcs~Bcngal,shalI ceasc toexisl andlheasscrs and liabilities
    thereor shall sland lransfemcd 10 the Pnrislrad:
    (2) anyorderpassed. anyappoinmcntmadc, anything whatsoever
    bcgun or donc by the Gcneml Council and Stale Facu[ry of
    Ayurvcdic Medicine, Wcst Bengal, shall, so far as it is
    consistcnr wi~hthc provisions ofrhisAct, be decmcd LOhavc
    bccnpasscd, made, bcgun or done by lhc Parisl~arl.
    C*lll~usiliun 5. (1) The Purislrad shall consisi of lhe rollowing mcmbers,
    n aniely:-
    (a) a Presidcnl nominated by lhe Slate Govcmment;
    (b) seven Mcmbers nominated by the Stnlc Govcrnment of
    whom ~hrecshall be registered Ayurvedic praciitioncrs;
    (c) one Mcmber nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of the
    ~nivcrsit~of Calcut~a;
    (d) rhc principal ofthe~taicurvcdic collcgc,ex-oficio, when such a collcgc is esrablished; (e) the Head of the Ayurvedic Rcsearch Instimle. c.r-oflicio. when such an Instilurc is eslablished; (f) Ihc Principal or Head oFan Ayurvedic To( nominared by the Sla~cGovcmmenr, whcn such an insthuliorl is eslablished: Provided rhnt unlil the institulions referrrd 10in clauses (d). (1)and (0 are established, Ihc Principals or Heads or existing inslirulions or othcr suilnble persons may bc … 0, .. ” – lJ~trt.rttt1,The Pasclti~~l Ballgo Ayrrrverlic Sysru~rof Mediche Act, 1961.

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